• Владимир.

    Привет.Жасмин откройте плис счет в платежной системе Qivi кошелёк он очень популярен в СНГ так же как и ваш банк семян. это пойдет Вам на пользу в заказах.. я больше чем уверен. Всех Благ.

  • scorpio

    It is a delight to have you back! Great opening offers on your fantastic new varieties, really looking forward to getting going with Fast and Glorious. Speed of shipping has been exceptional and the freebies and extras are just so kind. An absolute pleasure doing business with the Mandala crew, as ever… Many thanks and very best wishes to you all.

  • Jolly Farmer

    Satori and Ganesh Rock! For many, many years, every year, my staples. Thank-you for wonderful awesome genetics. If I may be of help in any fashion, let me know.

  • Lawrence Haley

    Hey jasmine. . I had a fun year. Its legal for me to grow at home but its not possiable so I did a gorilla grow of 10 plants this year. I don’t have a car so I had to take two trains and a bus. For almost 2 hours just to get out of the city to the place that I grew. I started some plants and carried them in my backpack in plastic bins.
    I always respect the environment. Only thing I cut down was a few nettles. No trees were harmed and I didn’t leave any trash. I Grew Hashberry. Chil-om kalichakra. And safari mix. The smoke is great. Im curious what kind of organic nutrients you use.

  • Doc Browns Green Thumb

    Great to hear from you! I hope all is well and wish you nothing but the best. Your commitment to genetics and to the future of cannabis serve as a bright light in these ever darkening times. Blessings to you and the entire Mandala family 🙏🏼

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