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Safari Mix
C.S. (United States)
Safari Mix: The best strain for undecided new growers.

If you are like a lot of first time growers and can't make up your mind give safari mix a go. Each year I add 5 or so safari mix plants to the mix just because I love the variety. I'm surprised with how frosty they are. Its just as easy to grow and its the lowest priced seeds of this quality. I had a pack with 14 seeds left that were 7 years old so I just pit them in soil because I needed to use them. Wow 13 sprouted just like my new seeds. If you order from a different company but have always wanted to try mandala get a pack of safari mix. I'll include three safari mix plants. One is a plant from the thirteen last i sprouted. The second two are the first safari mix i ever grew. I still wish I had some clones from this plant.

Filipino Kibungan
z. (Romania)
excellent company

good experience, nice collection

Beyond the Brain
J. (United States)
Looking Good!

Excellent and fast service. Planted seed and it sprouted less than 48 hrs! Am really excited, it's showing very vigorous growth. So now I cross my fingers and hope its female 🤞🏻

J.M. (United States)
lovely plants, excellent customer service

super stoked to grow my mandala seeds out. shipping was a breeze. contacted them a couple times with questions and received prompt friendly responses. i’m currently growing 3 kalichakra's - luckily all 3 are female. just about to put them into flower. got a free feminized orient express that is already in flower. each plant is healthy and very vigorous. highly recommend mandala seeds if you like sativa. i will be a happily returning customer in the years ahead.

Red Mandarine F1 (Fast Version)
J.K. (United States)
Red mandarin

Average yield, very ripening fruit aroma, about a 10 day later finish than advertised

Ganesh Berry (Limited Edition)
J.K. (United States)
Ganesh Berry

Large and fairly chunky, nice aroma!

Anonymous (United States)

This strain exceeded my expectations, the buds lined the main stem like no other, colas packed together. The Hashberry genealogy gives this a unique warm & fuzzy buzz.

G.J.b.a. (Austria)
My favourite strain and killer of my Tourette Syndrom

Hi you great team from Mandala seeds.

I thought I tell you that I released a cannabis book in 2021 with the title "Le Club des Cannaisseurs". It is a book with 600 pages about my experiences with cannabis and how the plant changed my life. A special part in this story has Krystalica, because this strain was one of my best helpers to heal my tourette syndrome and also some special mental problems. This wonderful lady gave me a new start!!! I wrote some pages for her and it also includes a poem I wrote for her. Everything is in german because I am from Austria, but here is the poem:

Kristallklar das Spiegelbild im stillen Waldessee.
Brillant mir es entgegenblickt,
doch ist‘s die Zauberfee.

Gebannt, verführt und fokussiert nimm ich von ihr Notiz.
Ein verschachtelt-kreativer Mix,
ihres Zaubers ist Indiz.

Was geht dort vor in meinem Geiste, Ideen werden rasch erstellt.
In schaffender Wirkung ihr ergeben,
den Zauberstab doch sie behält.

Den Zauberstab drum sie behält, keinesfalls ihn zu entwenden.
Würde ich es niemals wagen, was ich von mir hält,
den Zauber zu beenden.

Nepal, Indien, Kerala, Sativa, Skunk und Indica.
Simsalabim, Abrakadabra, fest verankert – Krystalica.

Here is the link where you can buy the book if you want:

My book is a natural philosphical work about the most beautiful and powerful plant on earth - and Krystalica is the queen for me!

I also send you the picture of the cover.

Thank you so much for Krystalica!

Special Greets

8 Miles High
E. (United States)
8 Mile High

Perfect Germination
Getting ready for summer 5 of 5 non fem seeds all popped up and started!

G.W. (United States)

I received them in the mail and can't wait for spring. I'm at 2,050 M.

Beyond the Brain
G.W. (United States)

I look forward to growing it this season.

G.W. (United States)

Planted. Can’t wait.

Beyond the Brain
b.t.b. (France)
Beyond the brain - My favourite strain !!

If I had only one word to describe it, I would say transcendental, that is to say that it connects you to a higher plane, to perspectives full of wisdom, reconfigures your mind. This herb is sacred, it is very sweet and directs you towards the resolution of personal problems or answers to questions that you ask yourself by giving you a transcendental introspection in the 2nd part of the high: we talk less, we are more introspective, we can have revelations or visions allowing to solve things, clairvoyant, while being very strong at the same time, as if we were in deep meditation without realizing it . I have never consumed something that strong, motivating, social, full cerebral, huge phenos, grams per watt achievable with 6 weeks of veg and even with big problem of potassium and ph.
In the first part of the high: gives a **** of a lot of motivation and gives the impetus to act which is good to start your day gives you a lot of motivation to start your day and a unique warm cerebral buzz that make other strains pale in comparison. Ideas are clear it gives you so much positive energy and you're able to be very social and share great conversations. 1 more motivating and manageable pheno, another one that was really strong that made me go very far and totally beyond the brain.
Not euphoric like some variety, offers lucidity. It's not like any other strain that you can smoke all day it's so pure at the brain level that it takes time for your brain to integrate especially since the high is very long for me 3-4 hr minimum.
Grown organically with wormcast and some natural nutrient granules and some microbes with 240watt quantum board LED, 6 weeks of vegetation around 240 grams dry. 2 huge phenos (that looks like mutant with 40 cm long fan leaf ) and one small.
Can't wait to try the Satori.

A. (United States)
Classic Favorite

All Mandala seeds I have grown have been vigorous and accurate to the descriptions. Very impressive. Fantastic value. Unique aromatics and satisfying stones and highs. Under-represented in the US if you ask me. Super refreshing herb from outside the states/dispensary scene.

J. (United States)
100% germination

Germination rates are a big deal and with mandala so far I have had 100% germination rates!! All plants are vigorous and lovely. One of the satori ladies I have vegging now has the most incredible pungent wild garlic scent. Can’t wait to watch them flower. thank you mandala seeds!!

J. (United States)
100% germination!!!! Vigorous growth!

I ordered hashberry along with a few other mandala strains of the 15 seeds I planted all 15 popped out of the soil within the first 3 days. I have 3 hashberries in veg and they are lush and vigorous. Can’t wait to watch them flower. Thank you mandala!!

Satori macht seinem Namen alle Ehre

Sehr vital, wächst wie der Teufel, ist nicht anfällig für Schädlinge und gehört nach wie vor zu den stärksten Strain, die ich kenne und das nach 55 Jahren Föhnerei :) . Meiner Meinung gehört Mandala zu den besten Breedern, die ich kenne.

Your seeds are an awesome deal

I wanted to thank and congratulate you for an excellent job with the seeds you make, they are outstanding! Very affordable, super-potent, fruity, healthy and also genetics from all around the world. I cant wait for your new arrival with R&D ( Satori x Mountain gold ) and the strain that i wanted to try before (Beyond the Brain ). Thank you for all your effort into providing amazing and glorious seeds for the cannabis community. I wish that more people would find out about your amazing seed bank.

M. (United States)
Aliens are here

Looks amazing, feel like aliens coming. Easy to grow.

Mountain Gold (Limited Edition)
T.D. (United States)

I haven't planted yet, I've always had great results from Mandala seeds, looking forward to growing these outdoors at 6,240 feet.

A.R. (United States)
She grows like Jack’s Bean Stalk.

The fastest growing, largest, most vigorous and healthy plant I’ve ever grown. An absolute beast of a plant that grew over nine feet tall, 2.74 meters indoors, healthy from start to finish. Monstrous yield of beautiful buds, great high and when they cured they smelled of sweet flowers. Would make a great female for a breeding project. Great, healthy, vigorous genetics.

Satori (feminized edition)
A.R. (United States)
Mandala is the best!

I haven’t grown the Satori yet because I just got the seeds a few weeks ago and I currently have a crop growing in my tent. I’ve grown Mandala strains in the past and they were the most vigorously growing and healthy plants I’ve ever grown. Great yield, great high, top shelf bud!

Anonymous (United States)
a true provider of medical strains

very healthy easy to grow and only wish other seed banks cared as much about their product

D. (United States)

Satori holds a very special place in my heart. Having cultivated cannabis for over three decades, Satori still remains in the pole position as the most potent strain I've ever experienced. Back in the mid-2000's, Satori provided me a glimpse of what true exotic cannabis should look and taste like. As I regret to this day having lost that particular phenotype, I look forward to running through several hundred more in an attempt to find something close. Kudos to Mandala on a true gem! All of these hype strains have no comparison to Satori in my humble opinion.

Mandala #1
p. (Argentina)
Mandala #1 exterion

Exelente atencion de parte del equipo! Las fotos pertenecen a un macho y una hembra mandala #1 exterior argentina