Cannabis Seeds Storage

Germination Guarantee 


At Mandala Seeds we pretest every single cannabis seed batch of the Mandala strains for 100% germination before it is approved for sales.

Our quality controls and organic 'Deluxe' seeds production have set the highest standards in the cannabis seed industry since our founding in 2004 and receive much appreciation among cultivators worldwide.

Our cannabis seeds can remain viable for 3+ years with little or no loss in germination.

However, it's not unusual for Mandala cannabis seeds to retain impressive germination power even after 5-8 years with proper storage*.
*Seeds are a biological product and we cannot predict or guarantee the length of viability. 


Winter Freeze

Cannabis seeds winter freeze


If your mail box is outside and there is critical daytime frost please put your cannabis seeds delivery in a refrigerator immediately to thaw slowly.

Frozen cannabis seeds can be damaged and may fail to germinate.

If possible, arrange for your mail to be collected at the post office or delivered to your door.

Optimal Storage


Place your seeds in a zip bag, or plastic microtube, and then in a small container such as a tupperware box or glass jar, to ensure that they remain dry.

You can also put some rice or a bag of silica gel (such as from a medicine pill bottle) into the container to absorb any moisture. Don't bring the seeds into direct contact with the desiccant.


cannabis seeds in dry jar


Marijuana seeds are best stored long-term in a cool and dry place.

A refrigerator at 5-8°C/41-46.5°F is ideal. Do not freeze the seeds as they may be damaged when they thaw.


organic cannabis seeds vacu pack


One of our favourite long term storage solutions for our organic 'Deluxe' cannabis seeds are VAC bottles. When you press down the lid it ejects the air out.

An airtight container is optimal for preserving seed germination viability and vigour.

The VAC bottle can be stored in an additional container, or by itself, in a refrigerator.


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