Tom Hill Haze

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Genetics Tom Hill Haze
Type sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 18-26%
High uplifting, cerebral, focused, creative, psychedelic, energetic
Aroma incense, citrus, lime, spicy, herbal, ginger, metallic
Flowering time (indoor) 14-16 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) November
Yield 350 gr/m2; 550+ gr outdoor
Plant height tall



Tom Hill Haze regular seeds from Pandora is a high-quality reproduction of the original seed stock that last sold out around 2017.

This current edition was produced through open pollination using different male and female plants to preserve a diverse gene pool. Collectors and breeders are advised to obtain as many seeds as possible to benefit from this genetic range. Don't miss the unique opportunity to grow and experiment with this legendary heirloom Haze at a very reasonable price (THH is usually sold 2-3 times more expensive and you have to dish out at least 100 USD).

Haze is a blend of some of the world's most exceptional narrow-leaf tropical cannabis strains. It has an extended flowering period but is worth the time, as it produces delicate, fox-tail colas of connoisseur quality with a cerebral to psychedelic high. The best exemplars (about 5-8%) are said to be absolutely electrifying in effect and will beam you to another universe.

These Tom Hill Haze seeds are descendants of Original Haze by Sam Skunkman and the Haze Brothers, obtained by Tom from Positronics in 1995. He spent many years refining the cross in Mendocino, California and the plants differ from Neville's Haze.

You'll find a wide genetic range, with plants ranging from vibrant green to almost a black violet colour. They also vary in size, with some staying shorter while others grow over 2 meters tall. The flowering period extends from 14-16 weeks.

Tom Hill described the terpene profile as follows: “It has very complex flavors with three components. A Thai-like lime citrus, a herb collection (rosemary, thyme, etc), and metal shop (metallic/oily). These 3 components are represented to varying degrees depending on phenotype – some are more herbal, some more citrus, some more metallic".

In analysis the dominant terpene is limonene, followed by linanool. This does not exhaust the possible aroma selection, you may also discover a blend of incense, spicy ginger, or tasty tropical fruit notes like mango.

Top Features

  • rare Haze heirloom
  • high THC
  • legendary Sativa effect
  • high mold resistance

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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