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Genetics Guatemala x Haze-Kush
Type sativa-indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 15-20%
CBD 0.3%
CBG >2%
High happy, social, clear, uplifting
Aroma peach, strawberry, bubblegum, incense, woody
Flowering time (indoor) 10-12 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) early October
Yield medium-high
Plant height medium



Tikal is a hybrid of an authentic Guatemalan forest landrace and Haze-Kush plant. The Sativa-leaning plants offer high resin production with fruity terpenes and a joyful buzz.

As a vigorous, easy to grow plant you can expect good yields but you do need a bit of patience before your crop is ready to harvest indoors. Tikal performs well in SOG due to its impressive yield in the main cola. SCROG, horizontal or network growing also works well with its branchy growth.

The powerful landrace genes shine through outdoor where Tikal grows to an impressive broad size with abundant well-formed buds. Despite its tropical origins, Tikal can also manage short cold spells and you can grow it in regions with a relatively mild autumn. 

Harvested buds have an enticing aroma of strawberry, peach and incense with a refined quality. The strain has high amounts of terpinolene (40%), beta myrcene (35%) and beta ocimene (25%) with up to 2% CBG.

Tikal is not prone to trigger nervousness, anxiety, or racy heart like some of the other Sativa's in the Ace catalog. Its happy and stimulating effect is reminiscent of old school Mexican marijuana and the potency satisfies contemporary expectations.


Top Features

  • unique landrace hybrid
  • old school effect
  • high heat resistance
  • good mold resistance
  • tasty aroma

Medical Info

  • 2% CBG
  • broad spectrum use

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Customer Reviews

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T.G.S. (United States)
Fantastic Medically Useful Sativa

Me: I have ADHD/autism, and PTSD as well as an auto-inflammatory thing, that results in pretty chronic muscle pain, that can crescendo into full blown, lay me on my back migraines.

My issues most improved by this strain: anxiety and mood instability, that are part and parcel of dealing with ADHD/austim. It doesn't space you out, like a good cut of SSH or other legit hazes. So I'd say that it is good for focus as well, and better so, than many other, truly sativa dominant hybrid. The effects have legs, as a former friend would say, meaning that it lasts a while and also I'd add that it isn't so prone to "greening you out." As the effects fade.

There is a fair amount of genetic diversity. So even only having femenized seed in stock. Ace no longer even lists it and a well chosen male will likely get you some regular seeds. This one is worth investigating and keeping around.

The cons:

It takes longer than some stuff, but there are some solid 10-12 weekers in there.

It has that classic tropical sativa quality of needing a really long cure to do it justice. Some of the newbies may not have cultivated the requisite patience and too early, it tastes like hay. Shorter than two months, by comparison you are kind of wasting it.

Speaking of curing, it has a lower bud density, that needs to be compressed slightly, part of the way through it's drying phase, to really preserve the terpene profile. Otherwise, maybe a hint of sandalwood...? Where as the strawberry notes, evident during flowering can be preserved to some extent as well.

The end product may not have the same bag appeal as any number of generic Cookies slop, but it has that classic Latin American charm, that has become all too rare. I've grown a lot of herb. While these are of moderate potency and may take a little more work, training and curing them. They are excellent meds, with a lot of potential, that is almost gone forever. Just saying: these are better than most and certainly worth picking up. Before it is too late.