New Caledonia II (Limited Edition)
New Caledonia II (Limited Edition)

New Caledonia II (Limited Edition)

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Genetics New Caledonia
Type sativa-indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 15-21%
High uplifting, cerebral, happy, focused, body stone
Aroma sweet, fruity, cream, hashy
Flowering time (indoor) 9 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) mid October
Yield medium-high
Plant height medium



We have secured the final stock of this rare heirloom strain! Hurry, only a few packets left!

To start 2021 Ace Seeds introduces a new exotic pure Sativa from the remote Pacific island of New Caledonia with a mesmerising sweet-fruity aroma, powerful euphoric, 'good vibes' and premium psychedelic Sativa effects.

New Caledonia II is the second edition and best choice for indoor, due to the shorter flowering time and medium plant size.

While working on their preservation project for the New Caledonian tropical Sativa, the breeders found a very rare, easy-to-grow balanced sativa-indica hybrid phenotype, more compact and columnar in structure, with a shorter flowering period and excellent adaptation to indoor cultivation. This phenotype displays much more Indica traits both in growth and in flowering, so was isolated and reproduced separately.

New Caledonia II produces abundant resin with large trichomes both in the bracts and in the sugar leaves around the flower. The rich and penetrating, creamy, sweet aromas of ripe tropical fruit are typical of New Caledonia, but with a much more resinous background and a more hashy flavor. Clean, cerebral, sensory, friendly and well focused initial high, cheerful and playful, with a more hybrid development and 'stoned' sensation than is usually expected with tropical Sativa's from this island.

New Caledonia II would be the most suitable version to grow if you want to enjoy the genetics of these remote islands with a short flowering time, more compact growth, or when you do not have the climate or indoor space to cultivate the tropical sativa version of New Caledonia.

The yields are very good when grown outdoors with warm weather (tropical, warm coastal, Mediterranean, up to 43°N) and enough hours of direct light, producing bulky flowers, with very good density for a Sativa, a great calyx-leaf ratio and typically small but highly resinous buds.

The best features of this strain are its aromas and effects, offering incredibly refined terpenes which fuse tropical sweetness with floral, lemon and musk. The effect is very clean and cerebral, expansive, euphoric and motivating. It develops as a cheerful, playful, creative trip before bringing you back to earth two hours later in an optimistic, constructive, warm and peaceful mood. Some plants can produce effects with a more 'stoned' sensation, as if you were drunk, with some loss of physical coordination, but without becoming heavy. Both phenotypes leave you smiling and positive, in a placid mood, without negativity or paranoia. 

Top Features

  • rare landrace genetics
  • shorter flowering time
  • exotic aroma
  • cerebral effect
  • high heat resistance

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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