Far Out (2021 Limited Edition)

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Genetics Colombian Sativa/Haze x Blueberry
Type mainly sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 17-20%
High cerebral, expansive, inspiring, motivating, social, happy
Aroma sweet, cedarwood, thyme, fruity
Flowering time 70-75 days
Harvest time (outdoor)  October
Yield dry (organic) >400 gr/m2; 800-1000+ gr. p.p. outdoor in the ground



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Far Out is a quality Colombian Haze-Blueberry hybrid developed and produced by Mandala Seeds. The new 2021 limited edition is made available at a special discounted price to support the marijuana community during these challenging times.

The new edition increases yield and bud density. The Sativa dominant growth pattern is also toned down and there is less stretch in the plants. Indoors the height of mature plants grown in soil is pleasantly manageable with most plants averaging between 100-120 cm/3.3-3.9 feet. In soil a 4 week growth cycle is sufficient under quality lighting, before you start the 12/12 flowering cycle. At maturity her branch tips swell with beautiful and aromatic resin-coated buds. Large gardens allow multi-branching, although staking may be necessary, especially in a greenhouse.

We recommend this strain to growers with basic cultivation experience, but also beginners can grow Far Out easily by following the best practices in our grow guides. Take care not to use over-sized containers for soil. It's better to replant after the plants have rooted in smaller containers (such as 4 L or 1 gallon), than to grow them out directly in a large pot. Nutrient demand is medium to low depending on the quality of your soil mix. 'Hot' soils should be avoided, especially nitrogen rich mixes and feeds containing guano. This is a low-maintenance, stress resistant Sativa and can be grown organically without much fuss. On top of the nice seed price you save money and work!

Far Out performs satisfactorily in all mediums, and in hydroponics the yield is considerable. There are highly resinous plants with impressive potential for yield, so it's wise to keep clones as backup if you are looking for a mother plant.

Mold and heat resistance is high. Prospects for growing this strain outdoor in Mediterranean, tropical or hot climates are excellent and under good conditions bumper yields can be expected. Far Out will grow into an impressive plant in the southern half of the U.S., from California to Texas, Florida, throughout southern states, and the islands of Hawaii. Similar climates in South America are best locations. In Europe this strain will thrive in the Mediterranean areas. 

Due to the fantastic calyx-leaf ratio you can almost just cut and dry the ripe buds. This is one of the outstanding features of Far Out. The bud leaves tend to be fully covered with resin, the trichomes can also extend to fan leaves. The mainly cerebral, uplifting smoke is aromatic like sweet thyme and incense, with a touch of fruit. This is a heartwarming strain, perfect for raising you up, and feeling Far Out!

Top Features

  • quality Sativa high
  • great calyx-leaf ratio
  • heat resistant
  • good mold resistance
  • good stress resistance

Medical Info

  • depression
  • broad spectrum use

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Customer Reviews

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J.L. (United States)
Far Out organic

These are some 4 months cured Far Out grown in Western New York, full organic outdoor. Can't say enough about it. If you're old enough to have smoked the real Colombian gold or red it's as close as I've seen since I was in high school in 1977.

S. (United States)
Far Out 2021 Edition / Outdoors

This strain was easy to grow. She was resistant to mold and was thriving when many others would rot. She handled the cool northern climate well and turned purple when the temperature started dipping low. This plant has the potential to grow massive as I had to top mine twice during growth period to keep it from outgrowing me. The odor from her is a very dank, pungent aroma. The smoke is smooth, with a very pleasant taste and is very enjoyable. The buzz is functional yet you still feel stoned.

A.P. (Spain)
Extreme sativa!

Very vigorous, good yielder, aromatic sativa. With a strong happy high.

T. (France)
Far Out

Excellente, douce à fumer, douce à vivre.

R. (Spain)
100 %

100% de germinacion y muy vigorosas.