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South India; S.E. Asia
Type mainly sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 17-19%
High cerebral, uplifting, euphoric, sensual, stimulating, no negative side effects
Aroma fruity, minty, sweet
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Flowering time (indoor) 68 days
Yield dry (organic) 500-550 gr/m2; 850-1200 gr. per plant outdoor
Plant height medium-slightly tall



Kalichakra is named after the Indian goddess Kali (a consort of the ganja smoking Lord Shiva) and combines unique landrace genetics from South India and the Golden Triangle. Unlike typical Sativa's she grows extremely well indoor and has been known to perform satisfactorily even under low light. She is surprisingly adaptable, easy to grow, and a good choice for novice gardeners. Mother plants provide abundant clones. In hydroponics rapid growth can be expected.

Kalichakra responds well to being tied down and can grow an impressively large main cola from the even light distribution. However, due to the airy growth pattern light passes through to all flowering shoots. Therefore, you don’t have to tie down the plant unless you unexpectedly run into problems with height or have a very poor light source. We recommend this strain for SCROG and nearly all plants can be easily fitted into a SOG (sea of green) space despite the branchy growth. Due to the low odour this is a good choice as a 'stealth strain' for discreet cultivation.

Kalichakra grows fat conical shaped buds that usually peak in towers of calyxes. The calyx-to-leaf ratio is exceptionally good and makes harvesting very quick and simple. The phenotype with the long head bud dominating the plant is a 'keeper' (good choice as mother plant or breeding) for highest yields. With 4 weeks vegetative growth indoor under 400W HPS/m2 in quality soil the height of the plants averages between 100-120 cm. More than half tend to grow around the 100 cm mark. Plant height can be easily controlled by choosing a shorter vegetative time or pruning the top bud. The plants grow in a typical Sativa style with a Christmas tree shape and medium to long internodes.  Some may need support towards the end of flowering to support the heavy buds, if the plant has not been pruned, or is not standing in close rows in a SOG setting. To maximise yield and strengthen upper branches it can be useful to remove the branches at the bottom 2-3 internodes on plants from seed before switching to the 12/12 light cycle.  Although you can harvest after 68 days some plants from seed may still develop fatter buds for an extra week (clones tend to finish earlier). You can reduce the light cycle by an hour prior to harvest to speed up flowering if you are in a hurry.

This Sativa has good mold resistance thanks to our dedicated breeding goals in minimising undesirable genetic traits. Up to 42°N Kalichakra can deliver high yields outdoor and is one of the best strains available for hot, warm-temperate and tropical zones. In far northern climates we recommend a greenhouse. Results and harvest time will depend on plant care and local weather.

A sweet-minty taste accompanies most of the fragrant buds. The high is smooth and starts up leisurely. It is especially well suited for persons sensitive to a racy heart or anxiety. Kalichakra can have a very positive mood-enhancing effect which gives you a sunnier outlook on life. A warm and relaxed bodily sensation is not uncommon in combination with the functional, social high. It’s a great daytime smoke for all kinds of activities, but also helps you lie back and relax whenever you feel like it. You could call it balanced yin-yang ganja that unites the best of both worlds.

Top Features

  • exotic landrace
  • bumper crops hydroponics/outdoor
  • high calyx-leaf ratio 
  • easy to grow
  • high mold resistance
  • "stealth strain" with low odour level
  • enjoyable Sativa high (no paranoia)

Medical Info

  • depression
  • lack of motivation
  • broad-spectrum use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
J.J. (United States)
Great To Grow And Enjoy!

I First Enjoyed A Smoke Of Kalichakra Seven Years Ago And From That Encounter I Did Acquire Three Precious Seeds From A Blessed Friend And I Have Continued To Grow This Beautiful Plant. I’m A Medical Patient In Nevada And I Can Legally Grow. This Beauty Gives Little Odor During The Early Growth Period, But Later When It Does It’s Delightful. This Is My Only Sativa.

A. (Germany)


B. (United States)
Excellent breeding strain

Though I haven't popped the latest batch I've ordered, I DO have some praise from when I used it to breed years ago. The Kalichakra I chose years ago was one of the fastest and heaviest yielding plants I've ever seen to date. I came across a particular pheno that had purple hues, serious branch structure and some of the largest top colas I'd ever seen.
This genetic revitalized my other gene pools and created absolutely savage lines from then on out. Something weak? Hit it with the "PK" as it became known - problem solved.
It was then that I began singing the praises of Mandala and saw what landrace genetics can really do. While flowering times of both the pure and hybrid offspring stayed around 70-75 days, the yields we're off the chart. I even had one buddy pull a gram per watt off fluorescent lighting ...
Because of this one strain, I've tried to obtain as much landrace work as possible - it was a major eye opener and has changed everything. Dump Cookies genetics garbage and other inbred poly-hybrid, and get growing with landrace dna ;)

E.K. (United States)

Fantastic strain with old school effects.

Pablo A. (Spain)

Cultivo led orgánico.
Buen vigor, mucha producción, bastante resina y buen olor/sabor.
Alguna cogió algo de botrytis, no aguanta mucho la humedad reiterada.
Cogollos duros como piedras. Colocón muy bueno.
El mejor macho lo crucé con una kush, a ver qué tal resulta el cruce...
Muy contento.