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Genetics Thai, Chiang Mai x Kali China 4th gen.
Type sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 16%
CBG 0.7%
High cerebral, clear, happy, expansive, sociable
Aroma sour grape, lemon, spicy, woody, incense, chocolate, green tea, minty, blackcurrant
Flowering time (indoor) 10-11 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) end of October
Yield medium-tall
Plant height tall



Thai Chi feminized cannabis seeds is an F1 hybrid between a pure Thai Sativa from the northwestern province of Chiang Mai and a 4th generation Kali China Sativa. With this new hybrid, you can now enjoy the best qualities of the legendary Thai Sativa's in a moderate flowering time, not only in equatorial regions but even in latitudes far away from the equator.

Kali China is the perfect strain to introduce into the hybrid, because it's one of the best and most beautiful Sativa's in the Ace Seeds catalogue. Its genetics soften the wildness of the Thai variety and allow this strain to flower indoors in 10-11 weeks, with a noticeable increase in density and resin production. The introduction of Kali China genetics also benefits the beauty of the plants With Thai Chi, we get to enjoy some wonderful "Red Thai" plants that often show lovely reddish hues throughout the plant, maturing with lower temperatures until they look almost black.

Thai Chi feminized has the vigour and height of a tropical Sativa. In small indoor areas it produces a moderate yield, but outdoors, with more space and longer growing periods, it can produce massive harvests. This strain can be grown indoors with strong lighting, and plenty of space for its development. Very suitable for SOG due to its large main cola, SCROG or horizontal growing due to the high yields it gets from the lateral branches, or for network growing due to its vigour. Outdoors it can be cultivated up to a latitude of 45ºN in any climate. Ace Seeds recommends moderate levels of fertilizer during the whole process.

The phenotypes with Thai influence have the complexity of a classic Sativa with natural incense and cured wood aromas. The phenotypes with more of an influence from Kali China produce a more fruity fragrance. The classic Thai flavour leaves a blackcurrant aroma lingering in the mouth as an aftertaste. Both types possess a powerful and long-lasting high that enhances mood, providing clarity and sociability without excessive edginess or paranoia. Visual distortions and pleasant physical tingling sensations are not uncommon. Excellent for meditation and introspection, since it produces a clear and balanced mind.

Top Features

  • rare old school genetics
  • Sativa effect
  • colourful red phenotypes
  • high resistance against bud mold/mildew
  • high heat & cold resistance

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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