Red Banana Pudding

Red Banana Pudding

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Genetics Anesia Scout Cookies x Banana MAC
Type mainly indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 28-31%
High happy, euphoric, creative, relaxing, calming, body stone
Aroma banana, sweet, raspberry, vanilla
Flowering time (indoor) 8-9 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) September
Yield 550 gr/m2; 800-900 gr outdoor
Plant height medium



Red Banana Pudding is a 70% Indica created by crossing two flavourful and fragrant strains, Anesia Scout Cookies and Banana Mac. Its aroma is unique, with sweet banana, and hints of raspberry and vanilla that will have you hooked.

This strain is beginner friendly and provides heavy yields of potent dense buds. covered by a thick layer of resin. This makes it a promising strain to try out for hash extractions as well. Red Banana Pudding matures quickly, taking only 8-9 weeks to flower. The plants are robust, yielding sizable flowers that cover the entire plant as they develop. To enhance THC levels, Anesia Seeds typically recommends to add 3-4 hours of UVB light daily during the final 3 weeks of flowering (wear grow room glasses to protect your eyes). With cooler temperatures the plants turn dark red-purple, and can have black leaves and flowers.

The high packs both mental and physical punch; it starts off with an invigorating buzz in the head that fills the mind with joyful energy - making you talkative and sparking creative ideas. After a while the body gradually becomes more relaxed until you’re completely locked into your couch! Red Banana Pudding has potential for treating depression, chronic pain, migraines, nausea and chronic stress.

Top Features

  • high THC
  • beginner friendly
  • hash strain
  • fruity & sweet aroma
  • purple-black strain

Medical Info

  • migraine
  • depression
  • stress
  • nausea
  • pain relief
  • sleep disorders
  • broad spectrum use

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