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Genetics Oaxaca '79 S1 #23 x Neville's A5 Haze (Northern Lights #5/HazeA)
Type mainly sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 14-18%
CBD 0.29%
CBG 0.58%
High uplifting, motivating, happy, social
Aroma lemon, incense, floral, musk, spicy, woody
Flowering time (indoor) 11-12 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) end of October
Yield medium-very high
Plant height medium



Oaxaca A5 Haze feminized seeds is an exceptional blend of Mexican and Colombian genetics. This hybrid showcases the best qualities of the vintage Oaxaca '79 strain.

With its cheerful, uplifting, and psychedelic effects, Oaxaca A5 Haze is perfect for a trip down memory lane to the era of South American landrace Sativa's in the 1960-70s. 

The rapid flowering, manageable size, and abundant lateral branching can be credited to the Oaxaca '79 parent. During flowering there is minimal stretch, which makes this strain more beginner friendly than other Haze hybrids. This plant's open, foxtailed structure allows for proper air circulation and resistance against fungi and moisture - characteristics inherited from its Oaxacan roots. Of special interest is its high resistance to powdery mildew. Neville's A5 Haze adds vigor and increased yield to the final hybrid, without compromising the distinctive aroma and energizing effects of the Mexican heritage.

This heirloom hybrid has a medium size and features plenty of flexible lateral branches. It does not stretch much during the flowering phase, making it easy to manage indoors. It is highly adaptable to indoor growing techniques like SOG or SCROG, thanks to its high yield in the main cola and its vigorous response to pruning.

Outdoors, it grows well in warm climates and mild fall weather. Young plants or small clones should receive moderate levels of nutrients, while bigger plants will benefit from moderate-high nutrient levels throughout their growth cycle. When properly nourished, this plant can produce remarkably high yields, especially when grown outdoors in the ground.

Sativa-dominant in nature, Oaxaca A5 Haze is sure to delight fans of Haze and Mexican Sativa's alike. The complex and refined terpene profile offers a refreshing lemon scent, with hints of exotic incense, musk, and floral notes.

Oaxaca A5 Haze brings a clear, expansive and cheerful vibe. Your senses will become more alert in the beginning, followed by a warm, psychedelic effect for 2-3 hours followed by a smooth descent.

Top Features

  • South American landrace genetics
  • old school Haze hybrid
  • happy high
  • high yield
  • high mold resistance
  • high powdery mildew resistance

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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