Xtreme Gardening - MYKOS Root Packs for Hydro - Mandala Seeds Shop Xtreme Gardening
Xtreme Gardening - MYKOS Root Packs for Hydro - Mandala Seeds Shop Xtreme Gardening
Xtreme Gardening - MYKOS Root Packs for Hydro - Mandala Seeds Shop Xtreme Gardening

Xtreme Gardening - MYKOS Root Packs for Hydro

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If there is one substrate additive for cannabis cultivation that we, at Mandala Seeds, consider an essential investment it's endomycorrhizal. That's why we're including specially selected mycorrhiza products in our Grow Corner. Each product has been tested by us personally to ensure it's top shelf so that you can Grow Like A Pro!

MYKOS® ROOT PAKS are the all-purpose method of applying MYKOS mycorrhizae for hydroponic systems with loose media (such as Growstone & Hydroton) and new plant starts. Each pak holds 10 grams of pure mycorrhizal inoculant. The microbes inside each pak benefit plants by creating a "sponge-like" mass which collects and stores nutrients and water, increasing the uptake of both. This single species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi contains only Rhizophagus intraradices. MYKOS ROOT PAKS do not contain any other microbes such as Trichoderma or ectomycorrhizae.

Usage: Designed specifically to meet the needs of hydroponic growers. Place 1-2 paks per plant in growing media. 

MYKOS® is an OMRI certified product and has an outstanding reputation. The company behind it is based in California where this particular Rhizophagus strain is cultivated outdoor, making it superior to lab cultivated inoculants. Most notably their mycorrhizal formula was used to break the last 10 world records for 'Xtreme plant growth' - including a giant 2,200 lb. pumpkin in 2016! While you are probably not intending to grow super-size pumpkins, it does speak for the excellent quality of this product to increase plant yields.

MYKOS contains a fast growing, beneficial fungus that increases nutrient and water uptake by forming a symbiotic relationship with the roots of a plant and increasing root mass. MYKOS is needed to break down, circulate and store nutrients and to form a front line defence against environmental stress, pathogens and disease. MYKOS will continue to grow with your plants by forming an extension of the roots and giving them better efficiency and sustainability. With a larger and healthier root system, cannabis plants have the opportunity to increase their yield, resin, and terpene  content.

MYKOS acts quickly and forms strong roots in cannabis plants. It contains a single species of endomycorrhizal fungi, Rhizophagus intraradices, which eliminates any kind of root competition. Plants provide MYKOS with energy in the form of carbohydrates, which are produced during photosynthesis. Individual plants can connect with other plants via this mycorrhizal network and share nutrients, sugar and water, and attract other soil microbes.

Due to the enhanced root mass and optimized microbiome your plants have greater endurance and protection against drought and heat stress. It also prevents harmful pathogens from coming into contact with the roots. MYKOS can also improve the soil structure in both clayey and sandy soils. The mycorrhiza help break down organic compounds and convert them into plant food available to plants, thereby maximizing nutrient availability in containers and depleted soils outdoor. 

Made in U.S.A.

Top Features

  • For hydroponics
  • Improves root mass for extra absorption capacity
  • Fastest and most aggressive colonising mycorrhizae
  • Reduces plant stress from transplanting, pests, pathogens
  • Improves cutting success rate
  • Enhances heat endurance
  • Increases efficiency of nutrients & water uptake
  • Can increase yield, resin, terpene content
  • Great for flowering and medicinal plants


Pure Mycorrhizal Inoculant – Rhizophagus intraradices 300 propagules/gram
50 x 10 gram packets


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