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Genetics Himachal Pradesh, India
Type sativa
Cultivation outdoor/greenhouse
High cerebral, up-high, relaxing
Aroma sweet, fruity, mango, cherry, pine, sour, incense
Flowering time (indoor) 10-11 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) end of October
Yield medium
Plant height tall


Due to popular demand we have very limited stock of these rare heirloom seeds. This strain is available in our shop courtesy of Ace Seeds, the official reseller for the Indian Landrace Exchange.  We would like to thank Ace Seeds for their kind collaboration.

Wailing Valley is situated 7 km. east of Malana village which lies in the famous Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh in North India. The 7 km. upward hike is steep and causes a sudden change in altitude from 2400 meters to over 3000 m. This valley is only used for cultivation of hash plants and remains a restricted area for visitors. Only a handful of families in the village actually own land in Wailing Valley. Marijuana is the only crop grown by the villagers in Malana since countless generations. The harvesting and production of the famous hand-rubbed 'charras' (hashish) is usually done by the women.

This heirloom marijuana strain is primarily for outdoor cultivation. The plants grow with a typical Himalayan Sativa structure. Very resistant against cold, wind, rain, aphids and mites. Marijuana plants in Wailing Valley show a considerable difference in phenotypes, thereby offering an interesting selection of traits to choose from for breeding projects. The plants tend to ripen a bit faster compared to other valleys and can have extremely vivid terpenes of ripe mango, cherries, wine, pine, floral, and incense being some of them. The buds are usually bigger and have better resin coverage in contrast with the plants from the village and from lower altitude valleys.

Hand-rubbed "Malana Cream" is considered by connoisseurs to be the finest Himalayan hash in the world. It has unique properties due to its high oil content. The dark, almost black, fragrant hash is soft on the lungs, with a peppermint flavour, and an uplifting energetic effect.

The psychoactive effect of the Wailing Valley dried buds is a cerebral, up-high with muscle relaxing properties.

These seeds are an important addition for the serious collector and Sativa enthusiasts. The native heirloom and wild cannabis strains in Himachal Pradesh are endangered. Marijuana is still illegal in India and the police in Himachal Pradesh regularly destroy plantations in an attempt to eradicate cultivation. In addition, modern hybrid strains have been introduced by foreign travellers participating in the illegal drug trade of hashish to Goa and abroad. 

Germination info: ILE seeds must be planted directly in soil. A heating mat is beneficial during cooler months. The average germination time is 5-12 days. Do NOT throw away your soil if the seedlings don't appear after a few days!
ILE will not accept any reclamation regarding germination issues if a customer does not follow this germination method.

Top Features

  • rare Himalayan Sativa landrace
  • high cold resistance
  • high mildew resistance
  • high pest resistance

Medical Info

  • muscle relaxant
  • broad spectrum use

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