Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze

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Genetics (Haze x Skunk #1) x (Haze x Northen Lights)
Type sativa-indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 20-24%
High cerebral, focused, euphoric, uplifting, energizing
Aroma citrus, spicy, floral
Flowering time (indoor) 9-11 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) October-November
Yield dry 500-600 gr/m2; 800 gr p.p. outdoor
Plant height tall



Don’t miss the opportunity to grow the original, legendary Haze strain that made Amsterdam coffee shops world-famous. Haze connoisseurs will recognize the quality this classic Sativa retains.

Super Silver Haze (SSH) takes around 10 weeks to reach its full potential. Previous growing experience is required to get the most out of this strain. This is a fast-growing strain that will stretch tall when provided with lengthy vegetation time. Beginners should exercise caution if considering this strain; it's best to have a few harvests under your belt before tackling a Sativa as vigorous as Super Silver Haze. Once flowering begins, her height can increase to around 1.8-2 meters (5.9-6.2 feet). Her side branches are long and thin, with wide fan leaves featuring pointy serrations. 

Super Silver Haze is a multiple High Times Cup Winner and brings with it an energizing, soaring mental buzz. This is a hybrid of old-school strains with a powerful citrus aroma and mild sourness. The terpene profile is sharp and floral, with eye-watering citrus notes as its dominant aroma. It’s perfect for hash makers looking for something unique that will win awards and make heads turn.

With potentially massive yields and up to 24% THC this Haze strain is popular with Sativa fans around the world. Expect to be in an elevated state of mind for 5-6 hours, with potential sweats and an invigorating jolt of energy. SSH is popular with users who have high THC tolerance and its certainly not marijuana for the faint hearted.

The energizing and exhilarating effects may trigger a racy heart or anxiety. Therefore, if you are prone to nervousness or anxiety this may not be the right strain for you. With careful dosage Super Silver Haze is perfect for activities that require high levels of focus and concentration such as sports, gaming, academic and creative tasks. 

Medical patients may find this strain to be beneficial in increasing focus, clarity, removing feelings of nausea and sickness, boosting energy levels and appetite, and increasing motivation.

Top Features

  • old school genetics
  • popular Haze hybrid
  • powerful Sativa high
  • citrus aroma
  • high yield

Medical Info

  • depression
  • fatigue
  • burnout
  • brain fog
  • nausea
  • eating disorders
  • broad spectrum use

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