Sheelawathi (10 regular seeds) - Mandala Seeds Shop Indian Landrace Exchange
Sheelawathi (10 regular seeds) - Mandala Seeds Shop Indian Landrace Exchange
Sheelawathi (10 regular seeds) - Mandala Seeds Shop Indian Landrace Exchange


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Genetics Kerala, India
Type sativa
Cultivation outdoor/greenhouse
High cerebral, up-high, relaxing
Aroma floral, spicy, cherry, pine, incense
Flowering time (indoor) 14-15 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) mid December
Yield high
Plant height tall


Due to popular demand we have very limited stock of these rare heirloom seeds. This strain is available in our shop courtesy of Ace Seeds, the official reseller for the Indian Landrace Exchange. We would like to thank Ace Seeds for their kind collaboration.

This is rare opportunity to purchase an authentic landrace Sativa, similar to the ganja you may have sampled during a visit to Goa or Kerala. Due to the increased demand for cannabis in South India, the farmers are selecting faster finishing plants with better yields based on Sheelavathi genetics and Idukki Gold populations (the latter already extinct).

As of today, Sheelavathi (aka Silavati, Shilavati) stands as one of the most potent and savoured cultivars in India. Her leaves are much darker and the bud structure is significantly denser than its predecessors Kerala Gold or Idukki, or any other equatorial Sativa originating from India. A very interesting thing about Sheelavathi is the novelty of its terpene profile because the moment you come near the plant you can definitely smell wildflowers mixed with spices. The taste is more inclined towards pine and hashish with undertones of flowers that leave your senses charmed. This strain grows well in most environments, although it's primarily an outdoor strain for warm and tropical climates, showing great resistance against heat, rain, wind and fungus.

Sheelawathi regular seeds has been crowned as one of the most beloved strains of India in a very short time. The potent cerebral high is accompanied by a sense of calm and serenity, a relaxed state which creates a perfectly balanced effect.

Germination info: ILE seeds must be planted directly in soil. A heating mat is beneficial during cooler months. The average germination time is 5-12 days. Do NOT throw away your soil if the seedlings don't appear after a few days!
ILE will not accept any reclamation regarding germination issues if a customer does not follow this germination method.

Top Features

  • rare Sativa landrace
  • high heat resistance
  • high mold resistance
  • great for tropical zones

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

Free seeds with every order. 

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