Romulan "BX1"

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Genetics (Thai x Mexican x Colombian x Afghani) x Colombian
Type sativa-indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 20-24%
High clear, cerebral, giggly, relaxing
Aroma spicy, pine, skunky, earthy
Flowering time (indoor) 10 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) mid October
Yield medium-high
Plant height medium



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The iconic Romulan strain, with its rich history dating back to the 1960s-70s, is available again in regular seeds! Romulan is a legend in BC and the Pacific North-West. It was originally breed and grown in the Victoria, BC area and is a favourite in medical clubs all over North America. The Romulan "BX1" version has been bred for improved stability by Jake, whose father was the original founder of the Romulan cannabis strain. This is a 70% Sativa cross between a Romulan female clone, that's been preserved in the Romulan Genetics family since the 90s, and a male Romulan F4.

The goal was to slightly improve the performance of both parents while meshing them together in one cultivar. The result is much better than expected, with subtle to more dramatic improvements in several traits, that you will notice if you are familiar with the Romulan S1 version. The plants are easy to grow and quite resistant to bud mold and the usual pests encountered in cultivation. Heat and cold resistance is high. The plants do well in a SOG setup or SROG (indoor) and are a hardy outdoor cultivar.

Romulan "BX1" has great potency, suitable for users with high THC tolerance, but is not prone to causing anxiety or paranoia. The buds have excellent trichome production, good bag appeal, and are very pungent with a sweet n' sour taste. Concentrates such as oil, rosin, BHO are super potent. Romulan has a balanced hybrid effect, a ceiling-less smoke with a clear headed high that is unlikely to create a sedative effect or couch lock unless you take high doses. It's a popular medical strain and has been used extensively by veterans to alleviate PTSD, and for muscle pain, nerve based pain, fibromyalgia, and other symptoms.


The Romulan strain has a long history dating back to US army veterans returning home from the Korean war. They brought back seeds from an amazing strain they had sampled, called Thai. The Korean Thai seeds were grown back home in the BC area, and Norcal area but the veterans found it very difficult to grow in those regions. Eventually breeder Joe (aka Romulan Joe) and other veterans got involved and introduced a Mexican Sativa into the mix. In the late 1970's a Colombian landrace was added, most likely Colombian Red. Eventually an Afghani Indica was bred in, but they did not like the results entirely, so they back-crossed it with the Colombian Red again before they found what they were looking for. This original set of F1 seed stock are what brought "P. Alberni Pinebud", "P.A. Purple", and other notable strains to come from the region at that time. After Romulan Joe passed away in 2015 his son Jake revived the tradition with a pure original Romulan cut and created the seed bank Romulan Genetics in 2017.
(info courtesy of Romulan Genetics)

Top Features

  • heirloom genetics
  • high THC
  • hash strain
  • high pest resistance
  • high mold resistance

Medical Info

  • PTSD
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • nerve pain
  • muscle spasm
  • fibromyalgia
  • broad spectrum use

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