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Panama Goddess (F10) x ErdPurt

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B. (United States)
Truly unique

Initially, I was drawn to try this hybrid in an effort to find the high CBD/THC ratio gene.
From the ladies I've had so far, the flavor tends to lean towards the Panama Goddess mother more than the Erdpurt. The flavor is light but pleasurable, leaning towards a slight fruity/haze/earthy side of things. The high though, is what is most notable.
Within minutes, the effects are noticeable and absolutely amazing. Very very happy, creative and a pain relief affect on the body. One second I'm sitting there working, the next - drawing random art with a grin.
While I do not have lab tests showing the actual CBD/THC ratios, I can tell you based on effects that it is an amazing blend of both. The goal of finding something that has a 65-60% to 35-40% CBD, seems to be happening. All while not sacrificing THC potency, quite amazing really. Good job Ace - I'm loving this and looking forward to the golden tiger/Erdpurt hybrids in the next test round.