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Northern Lights

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Genetics Afghan, Thai
Type mainly indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC medium-high
High relaxing, calming, body stone
Aroma sweet, earthy, sandalwood, berry
Flowering time (indoor)
45-50 days
Harvest time (outdoor) September-October
Plant height short-medium



Northern Lights regular cannabis seeds is an old school multi-award-winning strain. It's thought to have originated in the States, before being taken to the Netherlands. Sensi Seeds developed it into the variety that it is today, enhancing its Afghani and Thai genetics.

The plants have a rapid flowering time of just 45-50 days, which means that growers can enjoy a fairly speedy harvest. As with many Indica strains, Northern Lights is compact, with plants remaining fairly small both indoor/outdoor. Indoor the height is 80-130 cm and only marginal height gain during flowering. Outside, they may grow taller, but probably no higher than 1.5-2 meters (4.9-6.5 feet).

Northern Lights is a sturdy and squat plant with fat buds. Its possible to harvest 500 grams per square metre. Outdoor this strain needs plenty of sunlight and warmth to reach its full potential. Some growers have reported harvesting as much as 1.5 kilos from a single plant! The plants prefer a climate zone with long, hot summers such as the Mediterranean, Arizona, Southern California, etc. More experienced growers claim that lollipopping and super-cropping training methods are effective with this strain, and boosts yield.

Northern Lights has an intense body stone which relaxes the muscles and calms the mind. The scent is typically Indica in nature; pungent, deep and earthy. However, there’s a hint of honey and herb to the smell too, which becomes more noticeable as the buds reach harvest time. The plants usually don't produce an overpowering scent while growing, which is useful for those who want to cultivate stealthy. After curing the buds you can anticipate a rich, aromatic flavour, with the notes of sweetness coming through fairly strongly.


Top Features

  • old school genetics
  • intense Indica high
  • easy to grow
  • short flowering

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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