Malawi Fruity - Mandala Seeds Shop Ace Seeds RD
Malawi Fruity - Mandala Seeds Shop Ace Seeds RD
Malawi Fruity - Mandala Seeds Shop Ace Seeds RD

Malawi Fruity

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Genetics Malawi Fruity x 3rd Gen Malawi
Type sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 17-24%
High very powerful, psychedelic, long-lasting (4+ hours)
Aroma mandarin, carrot, fruity, floral
Flowering time (indoor) 10-13 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) early November
Yield high
Plant height tall



Malawi is the most powerful and psychedelic landrace Sativa that Ace Seeds have come across throughout their extensive research and breeding projects. This strain is renowned for its copious dense buds and large sized trichomes that are fully packed with high THC levels. As a landrace strain it can compete with the extreme potency of some of the recent commercial indica/sativa hybrids.

Malawi Fruity regular seeds is the sister of the New Malawi Killer and is very similar expression in size, flowering time and structure, but stands out for its more interesting aromas of mandarin, sweet carrot and flowers. This is the line where you can look for the Malawi's with better taste and more refined terpene profiles. The potency and yield are still very high.

Indoors for growing small columnar plants or SOG, you should start from clones or seed at 12/12 just a few days after rooting. The plants are very vigorous due to their landrace genetics. This strain responds well to SOG, SCROG and super-cropping. Outdoor cultivation works best in tropical climates, warm coastal regions, Mediterranean climate, and up to 43ºN. Heat and mold resistance is high as are the yields. Moderate PK levels are recommended for the whole cycle, and slightly lower in nitrogen.

Genetic analyses performed at Phylos laboratories show that this strain has an extremely rare and unique genotype, of moderate genetic variability, only showing direct kinship with other genetic samples from the same Malawi family. One of the best pure Sativa's available to develop extremely powerful, resinous and high yielding hybrids.

Top Features

  • very potent Sativa
  • rare landrace genetics
  • high yielding
  • heat resistant
  • high mold resistance

Medical Info

Malawi is not recommended if you suffer from:

  • anxiety
  • racy heart
  • sleep disorders
  • cardiovascular problems
  • high blood pressure
  • Parkinson's disease

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