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Early Mandala #1 x South African Highland
Type mainly sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 18.5-21% 
CBG 1%
High uplifting, clear, creative, focused, happy
Aroma minty, herbal, fruity
Harvest time (outdoor) end of September (north)
Flowering time (indoor) 60+ days
Yield dry (organic) >500+ gr./m2; 1000-1100+ gr. p.p. outdoor in the ground
Plant height slightly tall



Building upon the success story of Mandala #1, our signature outdoor strain for the north, we are excited to introduce another hardy fast flowering variety. Fast N’ Glorious contains enhanced heritage genetics thanks to a specially selected early mother from the Mandala #1 genetic lines that was combined with the original South African strain.

The Mandala #1 pedigree not only boasts wonderful aromas but is also appreciated for a wide range of medical benefits, making this one of the few reliable medical strains from seed for outdoor cultivation in the Northern Hemisphere. With Fast N’ Glorious the upper-range potency and authentic flavor is combined with an even earlier onset of flowering, to ensure consistency and safer harvests in times of unreliable weather patterns and global climate change.

This exotic sativa will stretch a bit during flowering but fill up the lime-green colas quickly with flavorful buds. She responds well to topping, to grow wide bushy plants in the ground or greenhouse, and to reduce plant height if necessary. The natural growth pattern of the un-pruned plants allows for close planting in a sea of green style from seed or cuttings. A high calyx-leaf ratio and airy leaf canopy increases mold resistance and makes the colas easy to trim. Fast N’ Glorious grows well in hot or cold weather, as well as humid areas, making it a versatile strain for extreme climates. The odour is not overpowering so that it lends itself well for stealthy cultivation. This strain is a good choice for all levels of experience and you don’t need special know-how to get an amazing crop. As with all our genetics, the plants are optimized for organic cultivation, but will thrive in all types of mediums.

The refreshing high expands effortlessly and is long lasting. Described as not only clear-headed but an ‘awakening’, it supports creative, social and transcendental pursuits − opening up new perspectives. Get ready for Fast N’ Glorious!


Top Features

  • uplifting, happy high
  • fast flowering
  • early outdoor 
  • optimal for cold climates
  • high yield
  • high mold resistance
  • landrace genetics
  • stealth strain


Medical Info

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • stress
  • migraine
  • nausea
  • broad spectrum use


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Customer Reviews

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Richard B (United States)
Optimistic but extremely challenging times in the US

In May I started 6 Fast N' Glorious, 1 Novarine from Elite Seeds and 1 Sour Diesel from DNA. All seeds germinated. They all look strong and healthy. The 6 are going outside on June 20. They will be in either 7 or 15 gallon fiber pots with Ocean Forest, and some additional worm castings. The other two will remain indoors for cuttings for the fall.
Last year our weather turned bad in September and I lost all of the Mandala #1 (8 started, 6 females) and Eight Miles High (4 started, 3 females) to powdery mildew. I didn’t get any prevention in and by the time I considered it, it was too late. They were powerful plants, but were all too close together and the mildew prevailed. It was a very sad end of September. I hadn’t grown outside much since the 90’s so I actually forgot about the risk of mold. I don’t blame the seeds or Mandala, it was very humid mixed with rain for weeks and I did little to nothing to prevent it.
I still have 10 Satori seeds, 10 Mandala#1, 6 Eight Miles High, 10 Fast and Glorious and others from other places so I’ll keep trying until I get it right. The Satori’s will be indoors, I won’t take a chance with them.

Very potent

Описание точно совпадает. После пролечки продавит любую толерантность, очень мощная сатива. Вернусь к нему ещё и еще, это на самом деле , быстро и славно.
The description is exactly the same. Will overcome any (THC) tolerance after curing, a very potent Sativa. I will return to it again and again, it's really "fast and glorious". (translation by Mandala Seeds)

bolobolo (Italy)
Great for Organic-Outdoor setup

Even with a few hours of light the plant production of resin still great. By smell I can say there's a lot of ISOBORNEOL and many other terpenes (like FELLANDREN= minty).
Isoborneol has antiviral properties, also is a potent herpes simplex type1 inhibitor (common labial-type). I loved the smell of minty-CAMPHOR and the creative clear-headed high that for sure is long lasting.

Anonymous (Germany)

Pretty niceeeeeeee ;)

v.G. (Kazakhstan)
F N' G

Всхожесть 100% при прорастании любит тепло и умеренную влажность,FNG самые первые показали пол , бодро зацвели 15-20 августа на 53 широте ! Было два фенотипа, один пурпурный с каменными шишками второй зелёный пушистый, листьев мало 30% некоторые возле соцветий в смоле.Рост и урожай средний(у меня) но достойный, эффект ясный энергичный для дневного применения. Ствол гнётся средне, ветки короткие крепкие и упругие.Не однократно пережили шторм и осенью -5 снег. Плесени не встретил. Аромат я не могу точно описать, очень душистый как магический другой мир по ощущению , я не меньше впечатлён ароматом. В начале развития нужна поддержка стебля, сперва тонкий и слабый но потом их просто не сломить. PS:перспективный живучий раннецветущий энергичный сорт для широт с коротким летом и осенью.

Germination 100%, during germination likes heat and moderate humidity. FNG was the very first to show sex, and bloomed vigorously on August 15-20 at 53°N ! There were two phenotypes: one purple with firm buds, the second green and fluffy, few leaves/30%, some near the buds covered in resin. Growth and yield average (for me) but good, clear and vigorous effect for daytime use. The stem bends medium, the branches are short, strong and resilient. More than once FNG survived the storm and in the autumn -5° C (with) snow. Did not encounter any mould. The aroma I can not accurately describe, very fragrant like a magical other world according to the experience, I am no less impressed by the fragrance. In the beginning of its development FNG needs stem support, at first thin and weak but then you just can't break them. PS: a promising, resilient, early flowering, vigorous variety for latitudes with short summers and autumns.
(translation by Mandala Seeds)