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Genetics Afghani ErdPurt x Purple Pakistani Chitral Kush
Type indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 12.5%
CBD 0.03%
CBG 0.5%
High happy, giggly, functional, relaxed, calming
Aroma earthy, hashy, berry, strawberry, coffee, mint, spicy
Flowering time (indoor) 7-8 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) August-September
Yield medium
Plant height short-medium



Erdpurt is an Afghani line developed in northern Europe, where it was selected for its quality, fast flowering and excellent adaptability against adverse conditions of northern climates such as rain, cold, and wind. Mildew and bud mold resistance is also high. Many Afghani strains are mold susceptible and difficult to grow in rainy areas, but ErdPurt x PCK can be cultivated up to 55°N and even withstands a few days of frost. It also produces well indoors or in warm and arid regions.

The Afghan ErdPurt imparts a robust structure, early flowering, with pretty pink pistils. Pakistan Chitral Kush contributes reddish-purple pigmentation and an open structure for better ventilation and light penetration. Both parents combine to offer plenty of resin and an array of earthy, hashy, blackberry, strawberry, and grape aromas.

Although primarily an outdoor variety, ErdPurt x PCK regular seeds can also be cultivated under artificial light. Ace Seeds recommends an indoor vegetative time of at least 2 months before switching to flower, in order to obtain the best results in terms of yield and development. Moderate levels of nutrients for the whole cycle are best.

ErdPurt x PCK regular seeds ripens quickly and can be harvested outdoor as early as the start of September. The high is quite strong with immediate effect. It leaves you functional and is very pleasant and cheerful, with analgesic, anxiolytic and relaxing properties. A great Indica to relax and wind down the day.

Top Features

  • outdoor-north strain
  • cold resistant
  • high mold resistance
  • early flowering
  • purple strain
  • fruity-hashy aroma

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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