California Dream

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Mexico, Afghanistan
Type indica-sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC >17%
High social, euphoric, body relaxation, long-lasting
Aroma skunky, minty, herbal, candy
Flowering time (indoor) 65 days
Harvest time (outdoor) September-mid October
Yield dry (organic) 450+ gr/m2; 1000 gr. p.p. outdoor
Plant height medium



California Dream starts flowering soon after 12/12 and continues progressively at a regular pace. The plants are very similar in appearance and height, which means you can rely on steady results when growing from seeds. Under a standard 3-4 week vegetative time in soil with 400-600W HPS/m2 they tend to stretch to approx. 1 meter (3.3 feet) with little variation.

The attractive buds have a typical conical shape with towers of resiny calyxes. Some buds are denser than others but the differences are minimal. This strain may have good potential for SCROG. California Dream prefers to grow in a balanced soil mix without excessive nitrogen content, and hot organic mixes with bat guano, etc. should be avoided. In sea of green (SOG) it may be best to prune the shoots at the bottom three internodes to strengthen the top branches.

Resin production is reliable among all plants and the buds are easy to trim after harvest. Mold resistance tends to be high. Outdoors, California Dream can be grown in temperate regions as long as the weather does not turn before the harvesting date, around the middle of September.

The effects are quick-hitting, producing an all-round high that can be felt in both body and mind. The stone leaves a sense of well-being and reflects the balanced yet stimulating power of its parentage. It may inspire you to hang loose and take a mind vacation, or motivate you to have fun with friends. This is a promising strain to try out.

Top Features

  • homogenous growth
  • easy to grow
  • high yields
  • long lasting high
  • good mold resistance
  • high stress resistance

Medical Info

  • broad-spectrum use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
H.K. (Turkey)
Easy to Growing it

Just perfekt

B.W. (Australia)
Full circle!

I tried some Mandala strains a few years ago, got on the Dosi/Gorilla/Sherbet merry-go-round for a couple of years and went back to Mandala last season and realised everything I really wanted was already in front of me! California Dream is just that, a dream. A dream to grow and a dream to enjoy! Grows almost un-aided, flowers quickly and decisively, giving you big chunky blobs of dense flowers absolutely bathed in trichomes. Aroma is fruity mango, with sweet touches of bubblegum and spice, all wrapped in a creamy envelope. Effect is sublime, absolute bliss and don't be fooled by the stated 17% rating, this is one knockout that will leave you wondering how such a beautiful plant was created and thankfully shared with the world for everyone to enjoy. Outdoors, full sun, organic growing really brings the best out of this strain, just like Mother Nature intended! A definite "must try" and a definite addition to my garden every summer!

R. (Canada)
Cold winter Grow

The Mandala strains, and California Dream easily out-performed other strains I grew indoors in an inadequate property i had just purchased before Covid !!! The winter was extremely frigid, heating with a 40 year old heater. Hopefully I can change things around this summer with a new heater. In future grows I will only use Mandala strains because of their hardiness and their guaranteed performance in a cold Alberta Canadian winter ! Thank You Mandala!! I now have a summer supply of medicine. I can hardly wait to grow your new CBD Kush strain.

B. (United States)

Seeds look very healthy dark brown stripes 😉

H. (Switzerland)
Fantastic strain!!

This, is one of my absolute favourite strains.
California Dream presents very good growing properties, means, is quite easy to grow, combined with top robustness. I've tried different growing techniques, like guerrilla growing on the balcony and planted outdoor directly on the ground. Plants on balcony showed a very good resistance to longer periods of really hot temperatures. Potted in a good soil mixture they did not require any fertilizers and looked great until the end of season. The ones planted directly in the ground had a far richer development, with large colas, great health and a fantastic grade A yield. At the end, when these ladies are grown with much love and dedication, the reward is a wonderful result in taste, smell and yield! Therefore absolutely recommended!