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Kerala, South India; Nepal
Type mainly sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 18-20% 
CBD 0,3 %
CBG 0,5%
High long lasting sativa-dominant high, relaxing, creative
Aroma fruity, sweet, pineapple, bubblegum, strawberry, herbal, earthy, musky
Harvest time (outdoor) mid October (warm region); late October (greenhouse north)
Flowering time (indoor) 65-72 days
Yield dry (organic) 450 gr/m2; >250 gr. p.p greenhouse; >1200 gr. p.p outdoor in the ground
Plant height medium-slightly tall




Welcome to the new edition of Krystalica. We used an almost identical "sister" of the previous mother plant for breeding. This has resulted in the appearance of a delicious strawberry aroma in some of the plants, which enhances the already fruity properties of Krystalica!

Krystalica offers a great package deal that is hard to come by: impressive resin production, good yields, easy growing, and a superb high. Krystalica is smoother and less dramatic in the initial phase of the high, therefore rarely triggering anxiety common to many other Sativa leaning strains. The medical applications for Krystalica are extensive since it has top THC levels with a very pleasant high to match.

Krystalica can be grown indoor from seeds or clones. Use 400-600W HPS/m2 for best results because this is a high performance strain. In hydroponics impressive yields can be expected – especially if you have selected a mother plant that brings the extra pounds on the scale. Long shoots extending from the bottom two internodes should be pruned in hydroponics or if your grow space is cramped. The remaining branches are of medium length but may require some support during late flowering if the buds become particularly heavy. It is usually sufficient to tie a thick string or gardening wire around the outside perimeter of the plant. The plants grow well in SOG and can be planted in close rows. With 4 weeks of vegetative growth under 400W HPS/m2 in quality soil you can expect the plants to reach a height between 70-110 cm. Use at least 5L/1 gallon containers for growth and 10L/2.5 gallon for flowering for plants from seed (clones can be raised in smaller containers).

Bud development is unlike a typical Sativa and quite dense with some plants exhibiting broad Indica-type buds. Trichome production can reach amazing heights, extending to the sun leaves, so it pays to keep back-up clones and select the most spectacular individual as mother plant or for breeding projects.


Outdoor cultivation is recommended in regions with warm summers or up to 45°N. The head buds and side shoots can grow to extraordinary proportions and deliver bumper crops. Further north the performance and harvest date will depend on local weather and length of daylight. Sowing can be extended until end of May if you prefer to cultivate shorter plants. Start seeds indoor if the weather is cold and move the seedlings/young plants outdoor or to the greenhouse later. The same can be done with cuttings – but make sure that the light cycle is appropriate so that flowering doesn’t start too soon outside.

Top Features

  • fantastic potential for mother plants
  • high yielding
  • extremely robust and vigorous
  • high-performance strain
  • high pest and heat resistance
  • Sativa-dominant high (no paranoia)
  • delicious terpene profile


Medical Info

  • broad-spectrum use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
H.M. (Germany)
Beste Seedbank

Tolle Samen schnell geliefert und super Bonus Samen!
Ich Empfehle uneingeschränkt Mandala Seeds.

J.H. (United States)
Excellent strain - great experience

I grew two of these out in separate runs. One was male, and the other, female. Both were insanely vigorous plants that germinated quickly. The male was strong and healthy. The female was gorgeous and finished with colorful fans and excellent, chunky, fragrant flowers that smelled of berries and anise. After a lengthy cure of just over 12-months, the flower is quite smooth, still potent with a wonderful cerebral lift softening into an excellent body high, and there’s a faint minty flavor. Will grow this again.

Hans (Bolivia)
Excellent Service for excellent strains!

After cultivating these fabulous strains in central Europe for many years, I'm excited to try these now in central South America. I'm absolutely confident that here they will also grow in an astonishing way. The service of "Mandala Seeds" is just fantastic, 100% reliable and absolutely professional. Thank you very much and I hope you continue this noble work for many years!

G.J.b.a. (Austria)
My favourite strain and killer of my Tourette Syndrom

Hi you great team from Mandala seeds.

I thought I tell you that I released a cannabis book in 2021 with the title "Le Club des Cannaisseurs". It is a book with 600 pages about my experiences with cannabis and how the plant changed my life. A special part in this story has Krystalica, because this strain was one of my best helpers to heal my tourette syndrome and also some special mental problems. This wonderful lady gave me a new start!!! I wrote some pages for her and it also includes a poem I wrote for her. Everything is in german because I am from Austria, but here is the poem:

Kristallklar das Spiegelbild im stillen Waldessee.
Brillant mir es entgegenblickt,
doch ist‘s die Zauberfee.

Gebannt, verführt und fokussiert nimm ich von ihr Notiz.
Ein verschachtelt-kreativer Mix,
ihres Zaubers ist Indiz.

Was geht dort vor in meinem Geiste, Ideen werden rasch erstellt.
In schaffender Wirkung ihr ergeben,
den Zauberstab doch sie behält.

Den Zauberstab drum sie behält, keinesfalls ihn zu entwenden.
Würde ich es niemals wagen, was ich von mir hält,
den Zauber zu beenden.

Nepal, Indien, Kerala, Sativa, Skunk und Indica.
Simsalabim, Abrakadabra, fest verankert – Krystalica.

Here is the link where you can buy the book if you want:

My book is a natural philosphical work about the most beautiful and powerful plant on earth - and Krystalica is the queen for me!

I also send you the picture of the cover.

Thank you so much for Krystalica!

Special Greets

G.W. (United States)

Planted. Can’t wait.