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Purple Satellite - Mandala Seeds Shop Green Mountain Seeds
Purple Satellite - Mandala Seeds Shop Green Mountain Seeds

Purple Satellite

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Genetics 1979 Oaxacan Gold x Nepalese Sativa
Type sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC >20%
High uplifting, happy, motivating, social, creative
Aroma pine, hash, berry, cherry
Flowering time (indoor) 9-10 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) September
Yield dry high
Plant height medium-tall



Purple Satellite is a cross of two inbred lines: Oaxacan Gold kept from 1979 and a high altitude pure Nepalese Sativa. Purple Satellite is one of the earliest Sativa of its quality available to northern growers, coming in before most of the others, finishing when the sun is still high and strong for extra trichome production, with great mold resistance.

This strain is especially recommended for outdoor growing in cold and wet northern climates up to 50°N. Start her from seed as soon as early April. 30L pots work great, but she can be kept in smaller pots or planted right into the soil. Moderate levels of nutrients are required for the growing stage and quite strong feedings during flowering. The plants are very consistent and may look like clones. Flowering starts quite early in July under approx. 15 daylight hours in the north. Almost all plants will develop pink to fuchsia pistils and purple calyxes even without a chill period.

The smell of the plants is seriously strong and a cherry aroma fills the air. The aroma gets more complex during later flowering, with a fragrance of pine, incense and berry that carries into the very smooth smoke. The high is very potent with a fast onset, motivating, social, not racy, laughter inducing. A generally warm and happy effect.

Top Features

  • rare heirloom genetics
  • potent high
  • early Sativa
  • beginner friendly
  • purple strain
  • outdoor-north strain
  • delicious aroma

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Will F. (United States)
Purp Sat

Very uniform plants, all of them displaying vibrant purple hues. Very healthy fast growing in veg with decently long interludes. Flowering initiates early as described. Still waiting to see final results but very encouraging.

C.S. (United States)
Seeds popped taproots in 8 hours 😎

Growing great so far , awesome customer support ! 🤙🏻 I’ll post as season moves along.

M. (United States)
PSat and Grape

Both did very well in the climate here in Maine 43 degrees North, quality, yield and resistance to all elements. The effects of both strains are very nice and will grow again for sure.

Anonymous (United States)
Purple Satellite

In terms of growth both Satellite and Grape matured in September or slightly latter, were on the purple side with full buds that were able to ripen completely. Have not tried yet but hopefully as the description says will be up beat similar to the great legendary Mexacan sativas of yesteryear. Another good aspect you can cross with latter varieties like Nanda Devi and Malawi Gold.