Kosher Kush
Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush

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Kosher x OG Kush

Type mainly indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 20-25%
High euphoric, relaxing, body stone, sedative
Aroma pine, sour, citrus, earthy
Flowering time 9-10 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Yield dry 450+ gr/m2
Plant height medium-tall



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Kosher Kush is a potent and well-known Indica-dominant cannabis strain. Known for its heavy, sedating effects, it's favored by those seeking relaxation and relief from stress and insomnia. The plant tends to grow compact and bushy, with dense, resinous buds that emit a pungent, earthy aroma with hints of pine and citrus. Kosher Kush is renowned for its high THC content, often exceeding 20%, which contributes to its powerful body-high effects.

This variety has the potential to grow tall, but cropping techniques can effectively control its height while also enhancing yields. Kosher Kush thrives in SCROG (Screen of Green) and SOG (Sea of Green) setups due to its predominantly vertical and uniform branch growth. When cultivated indoors, it typically flowers in 9-10 weeks, while outdoor cultivation results in a harvest around mid-October.

Users typically experience a deep sense of relaxation and euphoria, often leading to a couch-lock sensation. Due to its strong sedative properties, Kosher Kush is best enjoyed in the evening or at night when winding down and seeking deep relaxation. A great medical strain for sleep disorders, pain relief, muscle relaxation, and lowering stress levels.

These affordable Kosher Kush feminized seeds are from a Spanish breeder collective. The seeds are tested by us for germination and undergo quality controls, before we approve them for sale in our shop. When you see our Product Test Badge it means the cannabis seeds have passed these tests. We only test the seeds and seedling stage, not the maturing plants (growth/flowering).

Mandala Seeds shop is probably the only cannabis seeds store that runs product tests on other seed banks and breeders to ensure quality standards.

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Top Features

  • Kush strain
  • high THC
  • Indica effect

Medical Info

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • pain relief
  • sleep disorders
  • broad spectrum use

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