Critical Orange Punch

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Critical x (Grandaddy Purps x Orange Bud)
Type indica-sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC >15%
High happy, energetic, relaxing, body stone
Aroma citrus, orange, fruity, cream, berry, Kush
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Flowering time (indoor) 8 weeks
Yield (indoor) 450+ gr/m2
Plant height medium



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The breeding of this strain began by crossing elite cuttings of Grandaddy Purple and Orange Bud (producing ‘Orange Punch’). The result was then crossed with a high yielding THC-rich Critical. Critical Orange Punch is a true hybrid cannabis plant. It is bigger than most Indica dominant plants and smaller than most Sativa's. The hybrid structure ensures strong plants with large, heavy blooms and a relatively short flowering time.

During the beginning of the growth phase she can have a more Indica dominant look. But as time goes by she develops sturdy thick branches and leaves which show a true hybrid structure. This strain is suitable for the use of all kinds of growing techniques, such as LST, topping, fimming etc. She does well on soil but also does very well on hydro. This is a forgiving plant that can take a beating. Also try growing her completely organically, this will benefit her complex aroma and taste.

Outdoors she can be very big and productive with yields up to 1-2 kg per plant. This requires good quality soil and ample sunshine each day. To achieve this yield, the plant will grow into a round bushy cannabis plant about 2.5-3 meters high with roughly the same width. She also does well in smaller pots and can yield hundreds of grams per plant. For the best result, she is best grown in a Mediterranean climate or in a moderate climate with an Indian summer.

Critical Orange Punch is a real fruit bomb! Due to her extensive genetic background she has a very complex terpene profile. She is bursting with delicious, tropical-smelling citrus terpenes. Orange, mandarin and lemon are the most common scents and flavors. Most customers experience a wonderful fresh, fruity and sometimes creamy taste together with a stimulating feeling after inhaling. With some phenotypes, the Kush background of this strain can come to the surface. This results in more berry and earthy flavors.

Most users experience a happy, energetic and relaxed feeling. Especially with the more Sativa leaning phenotype's, expect a particularly euphoric and uplifting high. Critical Orange Punch is a good daytime smoke. Some users experience a strong body stone with the Indica dominant phenotype. These Kush plants often smell and taste a bit more earthy and hashy. 

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Top Features

  • easy to grow
  • delicious aroma
  • high yield

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use


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P. (United States)
Every plant is a winner

Didn't have any expectations going in but was pleasantly surprised. The flavor reminds me of a good old school kush plant and at least the phenos I had were more of the funk variety and I did not get anything "orange" from them at all. That said not a complaint at all as the effects are all there. Is it going to win any awards, most likely not but I'm here to tell you it stands with strains I have paid way too much for. This is priced right and worth a look which by the way is perfectly shown in the original picture. They look exact...