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Genetics Yunnan, China
Type 80% indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 8.5-17%
CBD 0-8%
High happy, expansive, visual, relaxing
Aroma sweet-sour, creamy, incense, hash, woody, floral
Flowering time (indoor) 8-9 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) end of September-October
Yield medium-high
Plant height short-medium



China Yunnan regular seeds is a new 2022 edition. A rare Indica-dominant cannabis strain from Yunnan, which is a Chinese province along the border with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. China Yunnan is offered by Ace Seeds with the hope to ensure its preservation and to support breeding projects. 

This exotic pure strain shows characteristics of an Indica and traditional Sativa's from South Asia. On the one hand, it grows with a robust and compact structure, developing beautiful broad leaves and an Indica hash plant appearance. Its flowers mature quickly, with abundant resin production and penetrating aromas. On the other hand, it has a touch of Asian Sativa, which can be felt at the beginning of the effect, in some of its woody aromas, and in the morphology of some taller, more branched plants with narrow leaves.

An excellent landrace Indica to cross with Sativa strains, since it easily produces hybrids with enormous yields, fast flowering and interesting aromas and effects. Genetic analyses carried out on China Yunnan show that this variety has a unique genotype, with moderate genetic variability, showing direct kinship with China Yunnan hybrids: Orient Express and Kali China.

The China Yunnan marijuana strain is a genetic line of robust plants with short internodes and good production. Indoors it produces columnar plants with large central buds. Outdoors the extended grow time leads to a well-branched structure. It prefers stable temperatures, a dry environment and a large amount of nutrients to achieve its best yields. Production decreases with lower temperatures towards the final phase of flowering. On the upside, resin quality improves greatly in colder conditions.

The plants are adapted to indoor growing with artificial light. In order to obtain the best indoor results, Ace Seeds recommends warm temperatures +25ºC/77°F during growth and the 4 first weeks of flowering. In the last month reduce humidity and temperature to 20°C/68°F until harvest. Outdoors a warm, dry climate ensures best results. Moderate-high levels of fertilisers throughout the growing cycle are recommended and attention should be paid not to over water the plants (particularly for the indica phenotype).

There are three main terpene profiles in this variety, which can appear combined in each individual plant to a greater or lesser extent. The first is the creamiest and most sweet-sour, reminiscent of the blend of aromas from a Chinese restaurant. The second profile is darker, organic, with incense and hashish. The first two groups produce denser terpene profiles and are more prevalent in Indica expressions. The third, also very organic, but with more woody and floral influence, is more commonly found in the Sativa leaning phenotype. Lab tests show high amounts of alpha pinene, beta myrcene, limonene and beta pinene in China Yunnan marijuana.

Most plants produce high THC and low CBD chemotypes, with potent, cheerful, pleasant and relaxing effects. This strain is a good choice if you are prone to anxiety or nervousness. There may also be an initial phase of enhanced visual effects. Occasionally you can find plants rich in both THC and up to 8% CBD, less psychoactive in effect, but offering excellent properties to combat depression as well as mental and emotional stress.

Top Features

  • rare landrace strain
  • unique genotype
  • pleasant high w/o negative side effects
  • high CBD phenotypes
  • low odour

Medical Info

  • high CBD phenotypes
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • depression
  • broad spectrum use

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Customer Reviews

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J.W. (United Kingdom)
Mellow landrace

Predominantly sweet cream aroma and taste, complimented most commonly by either tangy mango, foie gras, or acrid gas. The odour is low on most phenotypes, and the yield and resin is good for an indica leaning landrace. Smooth smoking with a deep creamy taste, and a warm, relaxing, although mostly mild effect.

j.m. (United States)
China Yunnan

I love China Yunnan standard from Ace seeds!
My favorite strain hands down. I made seeds! More seeds!