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Genetics Zamaldelica x Auto Malawi-NL
Type mainly sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 11-16%
High energetic, euphoric, psychedelic, dreamy, relaxing
Aroma candy, floral, citrus, mango, aniseed, musky, carrot, spicy
Flowering time (indoor) 8-9 weeks
Flowering time (outdoor) 8-9 weeks
Yield high
Plant height medium



Auto Zamaldelica is an impressive mostly Sativa hybrid that offers the best qualities of the Zamaldelica elite mother in autoflowering format. Compact, manageable and fast-flowering Sativa, with excellent yields and high THC levels for an autoflowering strain. It produces tight resinous buds with little leaf. The aroma profile is complex ranging from candy, tropical fruits, liquor, anise, to spicy, musky and carrot.

The autoflowering version has retained the intense euphoric and psychedelic psychoactivity that made Zamaldelica world famous. Around 25% of plants have a more relaxing body stone. The potency, complexity and duration will blow away even the most demanding Sativa smokers, who will be left wondering how on earth a Sativa effect of such calibre can come from an autoflowering strain.

Auto Zamaldelica starts to flower after 4-5 weeks from germination, regardless of the indoor photoperiod or outdoor season, allowing it to mature properly in latitudes far from the equator, where the photodependent strains start to bloom too late to mature correctly. Therefore, it is important to maximize the growth as much as possible using from the beginning pots of at least 7L indoor, and pots of at least 15-20L outdoor. The plants are compact and manageable, with a big main cola, strong branching and high lateral production. This autoflowering strain can be cultivated up to 55°N and also in mid-latitude climates, finishing in summer time when started in spring. Ace Seeds recommends moderate levels of nutrients during the growing stage, and moderate-high during the flowering stage.

Top Features

  • intense Sativa high
  • high yielding
  • suitable for outdoor-north
  • exotic terpene profile

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
D.N. (United States)
Luck of the draw

After a month in the mail the seeds arrived. Three out of five sprouted. Of those that sprouted, one is a cull-worthy runt and the other two died. Luck of the draw.

K.W. (United States)
Auto Zamal Is Good

Grows big and with little trouble outdoors. Not as psychedelic as hoped, but effect is powerful for sure.

B.S. (United States)
Great Autos!

Plants are strong and growing rapidly!