High CBD/CBG/THCV Seeds: 2023 Sale

High CBD/CBG/THCV Seeds: 2023 Sale

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High CBD/CBG/THCV Seeds Sale

Our specially curated category for CBD & CBG strains has been expanded and covers a full range of THC:CBD percentages for recreational or medical uses. You can now choose between strains with an even balance of THC and CBD, or cannabis strains with less than 0.3% THC and CBD levels ranging between 6-24%. 

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The sale ends midnight (CET time), MARCH 31st 2023

CBD Strains: High Quality at Low Prices

The CBD & CBG strains have been carefully chosen from seed banks with a grounded reputation. The market is saturated with a bewildering amount of strains, making it difficult for growers to find worthwhile genetics that deliver what they promise. Our High CBD/CBG collection filters out the "white noise" and provides a sufficiently broad range of quality strains. This helps you focus on key strain features that best suit your purpose without wasting time, energy and money.

We always keep the price tag in mind as well, simply out of principle since it resonates with our company philosophy. And because many medical marijuana growers live on a tight budget - the last thing they need is a high price tag on an essential life-improving medicine. Many CBD strains are available in small formats such as 3 fem or 5 regular seeds, or contain additional seeds per packet.

CBD-rich Regular & Landrace Seeds

The market for regular seeds has shrunk dramatically, so there are few CBD strains in this category. Our new CBD Kush x Mandala #1 was produced to provide an affordable regular strain that can also be used for personal breeding projects. That's also why a handful of landrace genetics remain invaluable. Some of the most recent additions of CBD-rich landrace strains are listed below.

CBD Kush x Mandala #1 (Limited Edition)

CBD Kush x Mandala #1 (Limited Edition)


Genetics CBD Kush x Mandala #1 Type indica-sativa Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse THC average CBD 6-9% High happy, focused, relaxing, calming Aroma pine, spicy,lemon Flowering time (indoor) 60-65 days Harvest time (outdoor) September-mid October Yield dry (organic) 450gr/m2; 850+ gr. p.p. outdoor… Read More

Balkh Hash Plant

Balkh Hash Plant


Genetics Balkh Province, Afghanistan Type indica Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse THC low-high CBD low-high High calm, relaxing, insightful, meditative Aroma fruity, lime ,earthy, acrid Flowering time (indoor) 9-11 weeks Harvest time (outdoor) end of September-October Yield medium-high Plant height medium   Description… Read More

China Yunnan

China Yunnan


Genetics Yunnan, China Type 80% indica Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse THC 8.5-17% CBD 0-8% High happy, expansive, visual, relaxing Aroma sweet-sour, creamy, incense, hash, woody, floral Flowering time (indoor) 8-9 weeks Harvest time (outdoor) end of September-October Yield medium-high Plant height short-medium  … Read More

Early Bubba (Limited Edition)

Early Bubba (Limited Edition)


Genetics Bubba Kush Katsu x ErdPurt Type indica Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse THC 3-16% CBD >8% CBG 0.8% High calming, relaxing, dreamy, body stone, sedative Aroma coffee, pine, hash, musk, earthy, woody, skunky Flowering time (indoor) 7 weeks Harvest time (outdoor) mid… Read More

HashTonic (Limited Edition)

HashTonic (Limited Edition)


Genetics ErdPurt x CBD #1 Type mainly indica Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse THC >6% CBD 5-11% High functional, calming, relaxing, sedative Aroma coffee, pine, hash, earthy Flowering time (indoor) 7 weeks Harvest time (outdoor) mid September Yield low-medium Plant height short  … Read More

Organic CBD Seeds

Whenever possible, CBD strains are sourced from organic cultivation. The Mandala strains are all organically produced and fed only sustainable plant-based nutrients. Strains from the organic breeders are generally richer in terpenes providing more aroma and flavour. Recently Paradise Seeds launched a range of CBD strains with enhanced flavour, these are all available in the shop and included in the sale.

TIP: Use the sidebar on the CBD Strains collection page to filter your favourite aroma.

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Here is the list of seed banks with high CBD seeds from organic production:

Mandala Seeds
Ace Seeds
Ace Seeds R&D
Khalifa Genetics
Paradise Seeds

CBD Strains with <1%THC

If you're looking for a CBD strain with minimal THC levels and high cannabidiol (CBD) there are a variety of cannabis strains available in our shop. In some countries cannabis plants with less than 1% THC are legal to grow. Please consult the current legal status in your country, since laws are subject to change. All of the CBD and CBG-rich cannabis strains developed by Fenocan Phytogenetics have less than 1% THC.

CBG Strain with highest cannabigerol level  

The newly founded company Fenocan is based in Switzerland and has developed the most CBG-rich feminized cannabis strain on the market with CBG 24%. The low level of 0.2% THC in their Fenopure cannabis strain also makes it legal to grow in most countries. Scientists are researching possible benefits of CBG on cancer, neurodegeneration, colitis, inflammation, pain, and nausea. One of the more unique possibilities is that CBG may help with glaucoma by reducing intraocular pressure - something that cannot be accomplished with CBD on its own. There is also the possibility that CBG can be used for treating Huntington’s and other neurodegenerative conditions.

Fenopure CBG strain

Fenopure CBG strain


Genetics Swiss CBG strain Type sativa-indica Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse THC 0.2% CBG 16% Aroma floral, fruity Main terpenes phytol-isomer, myrcene, p-cymene Flowering time 7-8 weeks Harvest outdoor September-October Yield dry 15-25 gr per plant; 150-300 gr p.p. outdoor Plant height medium… Read More

THCV Cannabis Strains




Genetics Thai x Caprichosa Thai Type mainly sativa Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse THCV:THC 10:8 High stimulating, cerebral, uplifting Aroma acidic, floral, spicy, pine, aniseed Flowering time (indoor) 10 weeks Harvest time (outdoor) end of October Yield medium-high Plant height medium-tall   Description Novarine is… Read More




Genetics Research Genetics Type mainly sativa Cultivation indoor THC 6-8% THCV 6-8% CBD 0,08% High euphoric, relaxing, body stone, couch-lock Aroma citrus Flowering time (indoor) 11 weeks Yield (indoor) average Plant height medium   Description Dutch Passion have created the first… Read More

We wish you the best of health!

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