Photo Contest - January 2024 Winners Announced

Photo Contest - January 2024 Winners Announced

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Photo Contest

Time for eye candy! Take part in our marijuana photo contest in any of three categories: macro, indoor, outdoor and you can win a $50 gift voucher to spend in our shop.

By participating you also receive a 5,- coupon code that you can use immediately, even if you don't win the main prize. Everyone taking part is rewarded! 


How to participate

  1. Go to our Review page and click on "Write a Store Review"
  2. Fill out details and write a few words of feedback about the strain
  3. Upload your image(s)
  4. Submit review

If you are a customer in our shop, please also click on the verification link sent by 
This is not compulsory, but it enhances trust and credibility that your review is from a real customer.



  1. The photo contest starts 1 March 2023 and ends 30 November 2023
  2. Reviews may be submitted only for cannabis strains available in our shop
  3. You can submit only 1 review for each category: macro, indoor, outdoor
  4. Please upload max. 3 images per category 
  5. Close-up images of plants, or buds (fresh/dried), belong to the 'macro' category
  6. Please don't upload images with people's faces (pets are ok). You can edit your photo with free image apps before submitting it.
  7. If it's unclear which category your image is for (eg. indoor or outdoor), please specify in the review
  8. If there are no submissions for a category, we will choose two winners in one of the other categories
  9. You must be the rightful owner of the image(s)
  10. Participation is open for adults only (18+ years)


Entry deadline is 30 November 2023, midnight (CET)



The winning photo in each category will be announced on this page on 1 December, 2023. Winners receive an email with the gift voucher of 50 Euro/USD. The gift voucher can be spent on any seeds available in the shop and is valid for 1 year from date of issue. The gift voucher is not interchangeable with other offers/products.



ALL reviews are anonymous. The Review app is set-up to maintain privacy. Your name/email will never be shared or made public. You also have the option to use the dropdown menu on the Review page for how to display user name.

Please don't upload images with people's faces. You can edit your photo with free image apps before submitting it.

All reviews/images are moderated before publishing to ensure they follow guidelines and safeguard your privacy. You will be contacted if any editing is required.

A review can be changed/edited at your end, or unpublished if necessary.

Contact us if you need help or have questions: 

Looking forward to seeing your contribution. 
Be creative & good luck!

Your Mandala Seeds Team

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