Khalifa Genetics - Now Available at Mandala Seeds

Khalifa Genetics - Now Available at Mandala Seeds

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Khalifa Genetics 

Khalifa Genetics is now available in the Mandala Seeds Shop! We're delighted to offer these rare marijuana seeds to our customers. Each order includes PROMO seeds while stocks last!

Khalifa Genetics revives connoisseur classics and introduces lesser-known strains in their fine catalog of ancient marijuana landraces and unique heirloom strains. Also available are unique IBL strains and true F1 hybrids in feminized format such as a powerful Amnesia Haze hybrid: Maharaja Haze, a pure Skunk #1 line: Aladdin's Skunk, and Persian Prince (HOT tip: Persian Prince is almost sold out!).

Remember the Hippie Trail ... Kabul, Manali, Kathmandu, Goa...? Growers looking for the high of times long gone will be delighted to taste the familiar flavors and buzz of a pure Afghan hash plant or Indian ganja. If you've never seen, let alone grown, "Black Afghan" or the famous Himalayan "charas" strains, you're at the right place!

Khalifa Genetics invests a great deal of work to provide only the highest quality cannabis strains. It's not just about finding landraces but also maintaining and developing them through breeding programs long-term. The breeders stabilize and improve on semi-wild or native marijuana strains to offer seeds that can even be grown indoors under artificial lighting. Parent plants for the pure landraces are carefully selected, sometimes over several generations, to minimize undesirable traits and adapt them to indoor cultivation. The Khalifa crew conducts thorough testing on each variety as part of their commitment. They also produce their seeds organically and recommend organic cultivation so that you can savor the authentic flavors and effects. 

Khalifa Genetics marijuana strains

Discover the potential

The Khalifa Genetics catalog is a treasure trove if you are looking for non-generic, vigorous, pure cannabis strains with unique traits and terpenes. Experience the powerful cerebral high of tropical and Himalayan Sativa's, or chill with a tasty dose of pure Afghan. All of their non-hybridized strains are available as regular seeds. This makes them of particular interest to amateur breeders, cannapreneurs, collectors, and researchers.

The perfect adaptation of the strains to their native climate is an essential feature for growers seeking low-maintenance strains with high survival rates in their own area. This includes resistance to molds, cold spells, rain, high humidity, or drought. Guerilla growers benefit from the nutrient efficiency of the plants and their incredible durability. Also available is an authentic Siberian ruderalis plant rich in CBD. You can create your own autoflowering hybrids with this strain or make CBD concentrates.

Excited to jump in and grow? Start with an easy-to-handle Indica if you have no/low experience with landraces or want to grow indoors with shorter flowering times. Sheberghan Hashplant is the perfect fit!

Sheberghan Hashplant

Sheberghan Hashplant


Genetics Jowzjan Province, Afghanistan Type indica Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse THC medium CBD medium-high High calming, relaxing, sedative, body stone Aroma sweet, fruity, hashy, earthy, citrus Flowering time (indoor) 9-11 weeks Harvest time (outdoor) end of September-October Yield medium-high Plant height short  … Read More

Preserving genetics for the future

The preservation of pure marijuana strains is as crucial as ever. All around the world, loss of habitat, eradication campaigns, and the import of modern hybrids is endangering centuries-old cannabis cultivars. Losing a cannabis strain is like losing a culture. Each unique strain has valuable traits and adaptations that disappear when they're lost. The pool of cannabis genetics shrinks with each native strain that goes extinct, before we can even begin to scientifically discover its potential and explore its psychoactive benefits.

The patient and long-term work involved in the research and development of landraces is rarely acknowledged. It's all the more remarkable to find a network of people devoted to this cause. This includes the many, often anonymous, people involved with the difficult task of traveling to remote places, navigating through politically unstable regions and countries with harsh drug laws, in the hope of sourcing quality seeds. At Mandala Seeds we know how challenging this is, having lived and traveled in South East Asia, India, and Nepal for almost two decades. We hope they continue their work for many years to come. Boom Shiva!


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