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Incredible ganja, highly recommend.

Wonderful smoke from an easy to grow plant. I am very impressed with the quality of high and the vigor of the plant.

The medicinal qualities are strong with this one. I highly recommend.

Fast and reliable delivery, great germination rate

I'm totally happy with Mandala Seeds so far, received Mandala #1 seeds very quickly (while other breeders struggled to fulfill the demand early May) and the germination rate was also great (only 1 seed out of 6 failed). Outdoors plants are growing nicely, I can't say much about the end result though (still needs a bit of time). I also love the they no-fuzz explanations and FAQs on the Mandala Seeds website, ideal for grower newbies like me. For sure I will order next year again at Mandal Seeds, great shop. Keep it going ...

California Dream

Estupendo,todo llegó bien,es mi primera compra mándala,las California bien salieron dos,gracias por l as semillas de regalo,20thfelicidades.

Beyond the Brain
D.B. (Germany)
Seeds look good

Didn't plant them yet, but I trust in thy mighty mandala seeds ;)

Beyond the Brain
J.L. (United States)
Quality product

Hello my friends, here's a quick pic of the beautiful plants that we are fortunate to have in Cleveland this year. The weather has been beyond perfect, like nothing I've seen in many, many, many years. The tall ones are untrimmed Far Out, the others are a mix of Mandala #1 , Beyond the Brain and Mountain Gold. All are spectacular. Thanks for your quality product and service.

Delivery time

First time buying here great delivery time 3 weeks at the door to australia. Well recommended

Delivery time

First time buying from this site no dramas arrived in 3 weeks. Well recommended


I think its a nice strain. It smells good. I can not say anything about the effects because it's not done yet.

M.S. (Germany)
delicious smell

absolutely beautiful plants and lovely smell

Mandala #1
M.S. (Germany)
beautiful healthy plants

So far, very beautiful plants. I am excited about the flowers and looking forward to the harvest in autumn

A growers dream

As with the Satori seeds (both regular), all seeds germinated and show the vigor growth of regular seeds. Unfortunately I cannot yet determinate how many of them are female..... Will update my review soon

Hawaii Maui Waui
R. (United States)
Got maui waui as a freebie.

I got Maui waui as a freebie. Im so happy because they were regular photo seeds and maui waui was the first strain i ever bought online (from nirvana seeds) and when i opened the box the only thing in it was a sticker. So when i opened my package from Mandala and it had Maui waui it was like a blessing from God!

R. (United States)
Super happy with Mandala seeds.

I'm so happy with my purchase from Mandala seeds! The customer service was great. They gave me TWO kinds of regular freebies. I love the selections. Its kinda rare to find such great strains in regular photo seeds.

M.Q. (United States)


Speed Queen
Anonymous (Germany)
Nice Strain but 5/5 Female

I want to use the Speed Queen for interbreeding with other strains. Unfortunately there was no male between my seeds. Maybe next round. The plants are very nice so far.

Hokkaido Japan Hemp
P.H. (Germany)
Hokkaido Hemp

...alle Samen sind gekeimt und die Pflanzen sehen gesund aus und sie wachsen ordentlich. Bis jetzt muss ich sagen, diese Sorte ist empfehlenswert ☝️😉

Apricot Oreoz
C. (United States)

Still vegging the Apricot Oreoz but they look amazing can’t wait to flip them into flower and eventually harvest and taste the fruits of my labor.

Superlicious Sativa
F.W. (Germany)

Very satisfied with Mandala Seeds. Fast delivery, good and friendly customer contact, great bonus seeds, robust and inconspicuous packaging. All three seeds germinated immediately and have since developed very well in the outdoor area. I am very much looking forward to your latest variety in the programme, the description of which is already very promising.

Balkh Hash Plant
C. (Germany)
Healthy seeds

I got them as a freebie and i like what i see. The seeds where very healthy, they germinated quickly and show strong growth.

Siberian Ruderalis
C. (Germany)
A bit tricky but ok

7 out of the 8 seeds germinated quickly after filing them down. Way better than anticipated! The seeds seemed to be pretty old and weak though - not a single one managed to fully crack its coat and they all got stuck for almost a week, so i had to remove the coats manually. In the end 6 made it, one exhausted itself and died.

Looking forward to how they will develop!

F.G. (Germany)
Absolut satisfied

Fast germination (100 percent of the seeds germinated) and a delight to watch grow.
Can't wait to harvest time and will comment again then

Fast N' Glorious
B.P. (Germany)
5 Sterne, eher mindestens 6

Grundsätzlich, super Shop, schnelle Abwicklung und sehr faire Preise. Dazu noch ein phantastischer Support. Zu den Pflanzen. Alle Samen sind gekeimt und wachsen prächtig (3 reguläre Samen wurden eingepflanzt) 2 von denen haben einen eher Sativa Wuchs, eine orientiert sich an den Indica Typ von der M#1. Alle top gesund und vital. Zur Info zwei wachsen auf dem Balkon eine Indoor. Bin sehr gespannt wie die sich entwickeln werden. Bis jetzt alles easy. Ich bin begeistert.

They are good!

The variety is good with no problems!

Very good Service and fast delivery with Beautyful freebie’s

Very good Service and fast delivery with Beautyful freebie’s .

Black Lebanon
F. (United States)
Greatness in waiting!

At some point every accomplished grower wants to strutt their stuff and show what they can do. The Black Lebanon has room for even elite growers to shine and be rewarded with the finest in connoisseur quality genetics and smoke stash.