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Frozen Black Cherry
A.C. (United States)
Frozen Black Cherry

All 3 seeds popped and are growing beautifully! Customer service was beyond stellar.

Tom Hill

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S. (Australia)
Zamaldelica is wild

Grew 1 fem, and bought 3 more. Grew beautifully in sub tropics. Supreme quality pure sativa. Very strong strain, found it to be stronger than Malawi. Highly recommended, quite the experience.

Tropical Mix
M.O. (Brazil)

Vale muito a pena, genéticas de alta qualidade por um preço acessível.

Safari Mix
D.A. (United States)
The Safari Mix Wins Huge!

A friend that I gave a bunch of the Safari Mix seeds to about 4 years ago grew them out and absolutely loved them all and even cross pollinated a few Mandala Safari Mix males with Safari Mix females and say's he has the absolute best cannabis by far in the entire Central Coast of California, USA area. He mostly grows outdoors, and is just absolutely impressed by Mandala's awesome genetics and how well, fast and strongly they love to grow, especially under the long, hot, super sunny days and season that they get on the central coast. Thank you to all of the Mandala team!! Blessings.

Bangi Congo x Zamaldelica F2
Awesome service

Have yet to germinate these, but service has continually been excellent from Mandala. Selection of seeds is awesome also!

Romulan "BX1"
D.F. (Canada)
Best Seedbank

5 stars for Mandala - the best service I’ve experienced from any seedbank! Thank- you!

Golden Tiger
J. (Canada)
GT regs round two

Second go around with GT regular seeds and this time was ready. Started outside in B.C. mid-May and moved into tent under LED late August- finished beginning of December. Huge yield and a soaring, clear clean high with no anxiety. It is unlike anything I've had.

Killer A5 Haze
J. (Canada)
KA5H second round

Round two with KA5H and this time I got a Malawi leaning phenotype. Started outside in B.C. mid-May and moved into tent under LED late August finished by end November. Really nice potent Sativa with big yield that makes the wait worth it.

Magnesium Hog

This plant is a stretcher, I didnt take the recomendation of 14 days of veg, and went 5 weeks, This is my first true sativa, and under led lights this plant will demand alot of magnesium, so when i put it into flower I switched to H.P.S and I would recommend that.

Afghan Lemon
B.J. (United States)
Afghan Lemon small, squat, and tight

This plant is about the size of a medium size mum, definitely unbreakable branches, the internodes,are no more than 1 inch on the main stock and side branches, if you want a small easy to grow plant this is it.

Anonymous (Ireland)

Class strain for getting stuff done and music.Mandala seed shop is the best you could ask for.

J.V. (United States)
The ultimate strain

Grew out by my mentor for over a decade, Hashberry was a sacred coveted plant of hers. One of the highest yielding strains I have ever grown and an absoloute hash monster. Strong berry notes complimented by classic "hash" undertones. Highly reccommend this strain to any grower. BIG thank you to Mandala for this gem!

Beyond the Brain
T.G.S. (United States)
The Crème de la Crème at a Working Class Friendly Price

After growing and smoking (vaping these days) many, many, many sativas, so called sativas, and sativa dominant hybrids, I can say with no reservation that this is one of the finest, that you will ever come across. The thyme flavor notes are so unique and enjoyable as well. But truly, this is The Bees **** Knees. I'm glad that he kept it around. I was lucky enough to try the 1st generation. It was supposed to be a limited release, but it ended up being that damn good. Get it. You will be happy. Especially after it is finished curing...

T.G.S. (United States)
Fantastic Medically Useful Sativa

Me: I have ADHD/autism, and PTSD as well as an auto-inflammatory thing, that results in pretty chronic muscle pain, that can crescendo into full blown, lay me on my back migraines.

My issues most improved by this strain: anxiety and mood instability, that are part and parcel of dealing with ADHD/austim. It doesn't space you out, like a good cut of SSH or other legit hazes. So I'd say that it is good for focus as well, and better so, than many other, truly sativa dominant hybrid. The effects have legs, as a former friend would say, meaning that it lasts a while and also I'd add that it isn't so prone to "greening you out." As the effects fade.

There is a fair amount of genetic diversity. So even only having femenized seed in stock. Ace no longer even lists it and a well chosen male will likely get you some regular seeds. This one is worth investigating and keeping around.

The cons:

It takes longer than some stuff, but there are some solid 10-12 weekers in there.

It has that classic tropical sativa quality of needing a really long cure to do it justice. Some of the newbies may not have cultivated the requisite patience and too early, it tastes like hay. Shorter than two months, by comparison you are kind of wasting it.

Speaking of curing, it has a lower bud density, that needs to be compressed slightly, part of the way through it's drying phase, to really preserve the terpene profile. Otherwise, maybe a hint of sandalwood...? Where as the strawberry notes, evident during flowering can be preserved to some extent as well.

The end product may not have the same bag appeal as any number of generic Cookies slop, but it has that classic Latin American charm, that has become all too rare. I've grown a lot of herb. While these are of moderate potency and may take a little more work, training and curing them. They are excellent meds, with a lot of potential, that is almost gone forever. Just saying: these are better than most and certainly worth picking up. Before it is too late.

Very Nice!

The genetics from Mandala/ACE always seem to be of the highest quality! The Mauritius X Ethiopian is no exception. I live in America, but Mandala is the only establishment that I trust. Please support them! They're good people.

Golden Tiger x A5 Haze
F. (Canada)
Golden Tiger x A5 Haze

Had one specific pheno, very stretchy and long flowering. Incredible smoke! Cures to a lemony pine hardwood and incense. Super resinous and uplifting smoke. My favorite to date. Which is why I had to order more seeds to find that pheno again as I didn't take cuts. I believe it leans to the Malawi Thai side of things. Very high yield as well, grown in 5gal fabric pot using organic Super soil.

S.S. (United States)

I've been on the hunt for some Mandala genetics for over a decade. I only recently discovered that you guys have your own website, and was very pleasantly surprised by the tremendous amount of landrace genetics available from other breeders as well. I tried Kalichakra for the first time in 2008 and not only have been searching for the seeds ever since, but that may have been the experience that sparked my passion for landrace genetics in the first place! It is far too difficult to find good landrace genetics at the dispensaries these days, it's all gelato and skittles. But I'm looking forward to making some crosses with these beans and hopefully turning some people your way as well. I am already beyond excited for Kalichakra and the rest of my order.

Zamaldelica x A5 Haze
Awesome service!

As an outdoor grower, the seeds are in the refrigerator for now, but dealing with Mandala has been a very positive experience and I will definitely be placing more orders.

Auto Bubble Gum
D. (Germany)
Schnelle Lieferung und neutrale Verpackung

Top, top, top...mehr will ich nicht dazu sagen.

Green Mountain Grape
G.S. (Germany)
8 1/2 Wochen

was soll ich sagen, reveggen und weiterblühen.....,
und dann das :o)

J.H. (United States)
Excellent strain - great experience

I grew two of these out in separate runs. One was male, and the other, female. Both were insanely vigorous plants that germinated quickly. The male was strong and healthy. The female was gorgeous and finished with colorful fans and excellent, chunky, fragrant flowers that smelled of berries and anise. After a lengthy cure of just over 12-months, the flower is quite smooth, still potent with a wonderful cerebral lift softening into an excellent body high, and there’s a faint minty flavor. Will grow this again.

Super Nice strain

I was looking for it for long time because it wasn’t available. I love it

Mandala #1
A.B. (Germany)
Spiritual weed

Like the mandala because of there positiv vibe experience and spacey potential

Satori (feminized edition)
G.D. (United States)

Grew Satori in flower now 2 wks to go. A real pleasure to deal with company Would buy again n again. Unsure at first becuse of buying outside country but that went away pretty quick. Their web site is very informative on the different strains you want to grow. A First rate company!