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Beyond the Brain
O.T. (Germany)
Beyond the Brain

The best of the entire Mandala line!!!

Speed Queen
C.S. (United States)
speed queen

I'm a month into flower. the name is misleading.

Hi there, please have a bit more patience - you're at the halfway mark. This is not an autoflowering strain. She flowers almost two months indoors if you start from seeds (clones finish faster). The type of lamp and light intensity can also affect flowering time. Wishing you much success! Mandala Seeds

Indica très puissant

Un clone de G13HB cultivé vers 2010 sous MH 6oo watts et ebb&flood.
Bien résineux. Têtes peu compactes. Très puissant high incapacités (impossible de taper sur un clavier après 1 taffe...)

Quite Happy

I'm pretty much a relatively inexperienced ganja grower, outdoors I grew auto-flowers and a Thai local hybrid of some kind last year that all went very well. So this year I'm focusing on regular non-auto flowers. I planted two of these and one has gone to nearly complete maturity. Its an impressive plant. They weren't kidding when they said this one can deal with heat. We had 105 degrees/43+ celsius highs with high humidity and when that finished it rained and still is raining like ****. We have this plant under a very tall clear plastic canopy, so it isn't rained on but again its coped very well with even higher humidity and little sunlight for months. I think that stunted her growth (4 foot tall) but she is a beautiful plant with many bud covered branches and zero botryitis or powdery mildew. Probably one more month to go. Highly recommended for growers in the tropics.

great smelling sativa

grows strongly and healthy. a lot of terpenes on this strain. clones easily and I can manage the height. so far really good. will update when done.

great haze variety

they smell strongly of haze, gunpowder and some fruits (two of them lemony). strong branches and healthy plants. great strain so far. will update when done

CBD #1
C.R. (United States)

As an ACE fan, I am betting these are phenomenal. I’ll share more after I get a chance to grow them out.

Colombian Gold
A.F. (United States)
IF you have a long grow season a MUST HAVE

2022 my county had an unusually long grow season. 120 days, vs the normal 90 or so. I planted the Columbian for old times sake, not expecting so much. First off, the seedlings were slow to take off, keep that in mind. But the end result was Excellent! about 2 meters tall, bush, dense buds, and STRONG!!!
Fall this year, I will order a number of this strain to have on hand.

Mandala seeds

You have all my greatfull for your philosophie

Slow starter

I had the chance to grow a few Mandala#1 a long time ago and was impressed by their vigour.
This cross seems to be a slower grower but it is beginning to show its personnality.🤞

Hi, thanks very much for your comments and photo! Please allow us to share a tip. The plant is showing early signs of yellowing and this can affect growth. The good news is there's a quick fix. Repotting into fresh high quality soil will replenish nutrients naturally and turbo-boost your plants. Make sure the soil does not contain a lot of additives that have no nutrient value, such as perlite, coco, vermiculite, sand, etc. You can also top up nutrients with a mild solution of a grow fertilizer prior to repotting. An EC of 0.8 for indoor plants is safe and will not cause overfeeding. One more tip: double-check that the pH of your water is always within the range for healthy growth. For cannabis plants in soil the ideal range is 6.2-6.5 pH. We wish you much success!
Mandala Seeds

Speed Queen
D.F. (Canada)
Outstanding service

Had a problem with the mail, contacted Mandela and they were going to send a new shipment right away. Ironically, my order showed up the next day, so there was no need for them to send another. Seeds that I obtained have 100% germination, and are very vigorous.

Satori x Mountain Gold

Good stuff Mandala😘
Too early to tell...but MASSIVE fan leaves so far😄


Thank you! Great service and wonderful flowers.

L.L. (United States)
Murphy law

If something can go wrong it will, that’s what Murphy law means. I screwed up on germination, but the Satori seeds I gave a friend took off like a bottle rocket, I still would not hesitate to buy more because they are worth the money for what you harvest. U


I like the pure quality of the Landrace and different phenotypes in it Best Regards Grow Flow

Satori x Mountain Gold (R&D)
K. (United States)
Good germination

I had 100 % germination rate with 50% male/female ratio. I sexed the plants before taking them outside to grow. Not sure yet what the final outcome will be.

Satori Grow

Satori was one of my favorite grows of all time. From two seeds I got two phenotypes which both were exceptional in every respect. Amazingly both were female in spite of being non-feminized seeds. One plant was taller with a slightly less skunky smell, but I could barely discern a difference in the effects upon vaporizing. They both handled extreme heat, needed very little fertilizing, had no disease or pests, came in well before danger of first frost, and overall were among the 2 the most satisfying harvests I've had since medical legalization in 2016. Even constricted to large pots, the larger plant weighed in at 481g after dry. Perfect balance of sativa head high with just enough indica for back pain relief. Highly recommended for medical and recreational growers alike.

A definite 5 star!

So far I can only review service, as due to unavoidable circumstances I was unable to grow this season. However, Mandala went so far as to accommodate my lack of observation that the store was closed, and reserved seeds for my next grow! You can't beat service like that. I highly recommend Mandala's selection and service!

Pakistan Chitral Kush
R.A. (Portugal)
Not so Kush

I don't know if the fault is with me or with the seeds. Had good germination, but several of the seedlings sstarted budding very prematurely, before they were 4 inches in height, and then died. Of the five seedlings that germinated only two are still alive now, at six weeks old (maybe). Possibly my cultivation technique is at faullt.

Mountain Gold (Limited Edition)
G.F. (United States)

Mountain Gold (Limited Edition)

J.g. (United States)
Excellent seed

Love these

One of the best seed banks. All at the highest level. The seed quality is excellent. Easy payment...

One of the best seed banks. All at the highest level. The seed quality is excellent. Easy payment with paypal. Service at a high level.Was Satori big fan, so I was happy to see that feminized version is out Satori is one of the best sativa dominant strains I've grown. Beautiful vigorous strong plants, incredible and delicate aromas, heavy yields, very potent clean insightful high without any raciness/anxiety. Amazing strain, really one of my favorite strains ever!

C.A. (United States)

Always have great success with Mandala strains. 100% germination every time. Super fun strains to grow.

H.K. (Germany)
Easy to Growing it

water, and the sun ☀️ it's just you need it

Frozen Black Cherry
C.J. (United States)
Frozen Black Cherry

Initial impression:
Growing outdoor and so far, the plant is doing great. Started indoors and moving to 30 gallon pot this week (May 23/24). Excellent structure topped once and plan to top a second time in June. Too early to tell much; lets see how it handles the New England weather. I'll write a follow-up later this year.