The Original Cheese
The Original Cheese
The Original Cheese

The Original Cheese

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Genetics Cheese clone-only x Original Cheese (Cheese Bx3)
Type indica-sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 18-20%
High happy, euphoric, focused, calming, relaxing, body stone
Aroma cheese, skunky, sour
Flowering time (indoor) 7-10 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Yield medium-high
Plant height short


The Original Big Buddha Family Farms (OBBFF) is the new seed bank launched by Milo Yung, founder of Big Buddha Seeds. He introduced the original clone-only U.K. Cheese to the international seed market. 

The U.K. Cheese is believed to be a clone from a special pungent and sticky plant discovered in a packet of Sensi Seeds Skunk #1. U.K. Cheese can be traced back to the mid-90s, when the Cheese clone was first distributed to a London-based alternative culture group known as Exodus. This DIY community was active in Britain during the decade. The seed version of the strain was later created by Milo who improved the strain and created a Bx3 version.

Original Cheese feminized is a backcross of Big Buddha Cheese with Exodus Cheese, the original clone-only U.K. Cheese. The Big Buddha Cheese is a potent Cheese x Afghan cross which reinforces the unique skunky flavours.

The plants grow like a short and stocky Indica with good yields. The flavour is composed of the unique old-school Cheese funk that is full of the power of Skunk varieties from yesteryear. The taste is reminiscent of the smell; it has a spicy flavour, with hints of cheese and an undertone of skunk. On the exhale, the skunky cheese aroma coats your mouth and lingers for some time. The high is special as it has no ceiling and is intensely Indica fuelled in a way that only Cheese can. After smoking Original Cheese, the effects are felt almost immediately with deep relaxation accompanied by an uplifting, yet focused buzz that keeps you active for some time. Two small bowls can be enough to trigger 'couch-lock', but the mind remains alert for socializing, gaming, or listening to music. A good choice for calming nerves and against stress and anxiety.

Milo Yung - Thank You & Farewell 

The creator of the world-renowned Big Buddha "Cheese", Milo Yung, passed away in his sleep at the age of 51 in April 2023. He left behind a legacy celebrating the cannabis plant. The Big Buddha seed bank was based on the chilled vibes of Buddhism and marijuana culture. Milo focused his attention on breeding different variations of the traditional Cheese clone-only strain. He wanted to refine the genetics and produce seeds so that anyone could enjoy the taste sensation of old-school Skunk.

Milo Yung's death is a great loss to our community but he will never be forgotten because of all his hard work preserving and advancing cannabis genetics. His meticulous cross-breeding methods led to some of the most sought-after strains worldwide, and his seed selection remains an invaluable asset for breeders and gardeners alike. Yung created many renowned varieties such as the iconic Big Buddha Cheese, Chiesel, Blue Cheese, and Buddha Haze.

Top Features

  • old school 90s genetics
  • cheese aroma
  • Indica high - no ceiling

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

Free seeds with every order. 

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