Texada Timewarp

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Genetics Texada Pinewarp x Purple Pineberry
Type mainly indica
Cultivation outdoor/greenhouse
THC 16-18%
High euphoric, creative, relaxed
Aroma sweet, lemon, fruity, candy
Harvest time (outdoor) end of September 
Yield dry  500+ gr per plant outdoor
Plant height tall



From Vancouver Golf Island, Texada Timewarp is a legendary strain reported to be descended from a Canadian landrace hybrid that has found it’s way into numerous west coast dispensaries over the years.

Texada Timewarp is a very special heirloom (something that has been passed along through multiple family generations) that can exceed most indoor genetics in terms of hardiness, potency, and aroma when grown outdoors in the often unpredictable coastal climate of British Columbia, Canada. This legendary strain dates back to the 1970s, when a group of American draft-dodgers moved up to the BC islands of Texada and brought with them various ancient outdoor genetics from the US. Of these heirloom strains, Texada Timewarp stood out among local island growers and consumers season to season. It gradually became the most sought after outdoor cannabis strain in Canadian history. https://www.fourpm.co/p/texada-timewarp-a-forgotten-past 

BC Bud Depot's Texada Timewarp yields tall buds with a strong lemon scent that turn a dark purple colour as they mature. Tough and resilient, it can be cultivated outdoors even at latitudes as high as 49°N with great results. Moreover, it stands up well against the elements and produces larger buds the further south it's planted.

Texada Timewarp is low-maintenance and hassle-free. A perfect option for guerrilla growers. The plants typically yield up to 1/2 kg by September. This strain performs best outdoor or in greenhouses; indoor cultivation is not recommended by the breeders.

The sweet, candy-like smoke will bring a boost of creativity to life.


Top Features

  • outdoor-north strain
  • low maintenance
  • high yield
  • high mold resistance
  • high pest resistance


Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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