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Caramelo x Sugar Black Rose
Type indica-sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC >25%
High cerebral, relaxing
Aroma citrus, fruity, mango, liquorice, minty, lavender
Harvest time (outdoor) September-October
Flowering time (indoor) 50-55 days
Yield >600 gr/m2; 2000 gr. outdoor
Plant height medium



The Delicious crew selected the best specimens of Sugar Black Rose and Caramelo from among a thousand tested, which were then crossed together to achieve a plant that they believe best represents the philosophy of Delicious Seeds.

This plant redefines the meaning of "bouquet". Its taste and aroma are so complex that, at times, you only have to be in the same room to feel high and then relaxed. The plant itself is of medium height, neither Indica nor Sativa, with a thick central stem that supports an incredible production of lateral and secondary branches which produce large tight buds with impressive yields. THC levels can reach 25%, making other strains pale into insignificance by comparison. It produces so much resin that it's sometimes difficult to make out the real green or purple colour of the plant.

The taste and aroma are so complex and difficult to explain that we can only summarize it as: mango and biscuit with hints of spearmint, a touch of licorice and an incredible tinge of lavender. Try it for yourself to discover the new taste that will change the cannabis scene forever.

Top Features

  • delicious aroma
  • high THC
  • high yields
  • short flowering

Medical Info

  • broad-spectrum use 

Free seeds with every order. 

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