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Girl Scout Cookies x White Widow
Type sativa-indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 18-22%
High happy, uplifting, calming, relaxing
Aroma earthy, sweet, pine, fruity, spicy
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Flowering time (indoor) 65 days
Yield (indoor) 450 gr/m2
Plant height medium



Space Cookies feminized seeds is an affordable variety derived from crossbreeding Girl Scout Cookies with classic White Widow, some Afghan is mixed in to enhance resin production and boost potency and harvest yield. Indoor growers will love the short, squat profile of this plant, which grows well without much encouragement, and the tight clusters of buds that appear through the middle of the plant and along the side branches.

Space Cookies is best cultivated outdoor in southern, Mediterranean, or tropical climates. The plants are quite resistant to mold or pests. It displays purplish hues when growing in cooler climates. 

As flowering advances the aroma is a mix of pine, fruity sweet aspects and even a slight scent of fuel. This aroma persists once buds have been dried, although the notes are a more subtle melange. Sampled on the taste buds it is the sweetness which really comes to the forefront, with a hint of spiciness.   

The effect is one characterized by a sense of weightlessness and an overriding happy relaxation that carries with it a Zen like quality that will ease away the stress of the day, banish racing thoughts and provide a bit of meditative reflection. Space Cookies is strong, but its potency is not overpowering enough to limit activities to those which are based on the couch. A natural choice with medical users who seek to manage pain and is also popular with those seeking to counter the effects of depression.

Top Features

  • high THC
  • pleasant effect
  • GSC genetics

Medical Info

  • broad-spectrum use 


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