Sour Peaches

Sour Peaches

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Genetics AJ's Sour D x Moroccan Peaches
Type mainly indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC medium-high
High uplifting, relaxing, body stone
Aroma peach, sour, gas
Flowering time (indoor) 8-10 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) early October
Yield medium-high
Plant height medium



El Krem Collection

The El Krem collection features genetics bred by PCG with specialized attention to hash production. These plant varieties boast high-quality flavourful trichomes with enhanced density which are optimal for the hash-making process to produce high yielding extractions.

Aj's Sour D and Moroccan Peaches are two strains distinguished by their high resin and flower production. The former is a mix of Chemdog, Sour D and Super Skunk genetics that yield medium-large plants with dense secondary shoots hosting many bud sites.
Moroccan Peaches contains Spanish Barbara and Lemon Tree Skorage in its genetic background, giving it an impressive trichome output along with abundant yield.

Sour Peaches feminized seeds has inherited the heavy yield of its parents and is usually ready for outdoor harvest in early October. It features characteristic sour and gassy flavors with sweet peachy undertones. This strain also provides a potent Indica effect: after starting with an uplifting sensation the sedative power will have you drift off into sweet dreams.

Top Features

  • powerful Indica
  • high yield
  • hash strain

Medical Info

  • stress
  • pain relief
  • anxiety
  • sleep disorders
  • broad spectrum use

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