Sheberghan Hashplant

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Genetics Jowzjan Province, Afghanistan
Type indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC medium
CBD medium-high
High calming, relaxing, sedative, body stone
Aroma sweet, fruity, hashy, earthy, citrus
Flowering time (indoor) 9-11 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) end of September-October
Yield medium-high
Plant height short



This highly resinous hash plant is a special treat for hashish connoisseurs. Its been used by farmers for many generations to make exceptional hashish near the city of Sheberghan. Sheberghan is an ancient Silk Road settlement in an ethnically rich region. Most inhabitants are of the Uzbek ethnic group, but many other ethnicities also call the region home. Northern Afghanistan is known for producing some of the finest hashish in the country. Although Balkh and Mazar I Sharif are more well-known, Sheberghan produces sieved hashish that is second to none.

Landrace Genetics personally collected seeds in the Jowzjan Province near the city of Sheberghan in 2018. Landrace Genetics is an expert strain hunter specializing in collecting and preserving Afghan and Pakistani Landraces. The Khalifa team has then worked on adapting this strain to growing indoors by reducing the hermaphroditism, and decreasing the amount of undesirable phenotypes, while preserving most of the genetic diversity.

This true Hash Plant landrace grows easily and is beginner-friendly. Sheberghan Hashplant regular seeds produces leafy buds with a thick frosty coat of resin glands. Depending on the phenotype, these flowers are moderately dense to very dense. Most of the plants display the typical broad Indica leaflets. However, some phenotypes can show rather narrow leaflets. The Sheberghan Hash Plant is easy to care for. It will only grow twice as large during the flowering stretch and it produces strong, sturdy branches that are rarely in need of support. These plants are medium feeders. They require higher levels of nutrients than most landraces, but not as much as most modern cannabis hybrids.

Despite its ability to withstand important temperature variations from high to low, this cannabis strain needs low relative humidity during the flowering phase. The autumn season in the Jowzjan Province, if not in most of Afghanistan, is extremely dry. It's good practice to reduce watering to just enough for daily needs in the last week of flowering. This prevents moisture building up in the dense buds.

The Sheberghan Hashplant, as is the case with the Balkhi, expresses a wide variety of phenotypes. Many plants become colourful towards the end of their flowering cycle. Some turn purple, some black, and others are reddish or purple (see image). Many Afghan landraces tend to display beautiful black colours in the second half of their flowering cycle. The Black Sherberghan phenotype (see image) produces a typical earthy/hashy smell similar to a lot of Black Afghan plants.

Top Features

  • pure landrace Indica
  • aromatic heirloom hash plant
  • beginner friendly
  • low maintenance
  • fast flowering
  • cold resistant
  • stunning colours

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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