Satori x Mountain Gold (R&D)

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Genetics Satori (elite lines) x Mountain Gold (1st edition)
Type mainly sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC >26%

cerebral, psychedelic, energetic, euphoric, uplifting, joyful, creative, focused, long-lasting

Aroma sweet, amber, spicy, menthol, herbal
Flowering time (indoor) 70-80 days
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Yield dry (organic) >650 gr/m2; 1200-1400 gr. p.p. outdoor
Plant height medium-tall




Mandala Seeds Research & Development

Our latest R&D project looks so promising, we decided to share the very limited stock of primary seeds with the community so that you can grow our new super-potent Sativa this summer.

When ancient Nepalese landrace genetics merge with the heirloom lineages of Mexican and Hawaiian Sativa something magical is bound to happen. We call it 'diamonds from heaven', inspired by a major phenotype expression in Satori x Mountain Gold.

We are currently working with several elite Satori lines: ranging from special terpene profiles such as the 'candy bubble gum' line to super-size mother plants. The pollen donor is Mountain Gold (1st edition), from which very dank and sticky plants have been selected after passing through an extremely gruelling test phase last summer. The project almost had to be stopped due to a 5 month heatwave peaking at 49°C (120°F), not for days, but for two months! Satori acted like nothing happened, but Mountain Gold struggled to produce any pollen. The main problem was, however, our own health. We almost collapsed working under these conditions and eventually had to restrict activities to a short time range just after sunrise.

One of the intentions of this project is to combine the extreme heat and stress-resistance of Satori with more cold resilience. The new cross is being tested under both 12/12 outdoor conditions and low temperatures between 0-12°C (32-53°F) to ensure brief frost resistance and growth potential in a cold and short season. So far, results are positive and we'll share some images later on.

Satori x Mountain Gold preserves the signature vigour of Mandala strains, as well as other outstanding characteristics such as nutrient efficiency in organic soil. Mountain Gold is a strain that benefits from regular fertilizing, which requires more plant care and expenses. So we are pleased that Satori has contributed her ease of care to this new hybrid. Growth in organic soil with minimal intervention is phenomenal.

There are currently two phenotypes which stand out. A taller and a shorter plant, quite similar to the Satori line. Mountain Gold brings in more stretch to the hybrid, whereas Satori keeps internodal distance within limits for uncomplicated indoor cultivation. Due to the vigour of the plants they only need 1 month of vegetative time from seed. Under strong light this can even be reduced a few days. The taller 'Diamond' phenotype is featured among several of the strain photos. This is the plant to watch for if you want to take cuttings. The head bud can grow to a truly gigantic size and plants can deliver monster yields indoor and outdoor!

Resin output is absolutely extraordinary in Satori x Mountain Gold, with a large portion of the fan leaves also covered in trichomes like sparkling diamonds. There will be an enormous output for all kinds of resin extraction.

Created for divine inspiration, our Satori x Mountain Gold blends super-potent genetics that will grace you with intuition, creativity, and a refreshing uplifting energy. A long-lasting high guarantees new levels of inspiration. This marijuana strain is ideal for all types of artistic projects, brainstorming, social adventures, inner clarity, spiritual insights, and for lifting you out of the blues. We consider this new variety, next to Satori and Beyond the Brain, a perfect herb for 'ganja yoga' or psychedelic journeying.


Top Features

  • high THC
  • medical strain
  • landrace & heirloom genetics
  • high yield
  • hash strain
  • high heat & cold resistance
  • high pest resistance

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
E. (Chile)

Excelent service

T.P.G. (Japan)
Quite Happy

I'm pretty much a relatively inexperienced ganja grower, outdoors I grew auto-flowers and a Thai local hybrid of some kind last year that all went very well. So this year I'm focusing on regular non-auto flowers. I planted two of these and one has gone to nearly complete maturity. Its an impressive plant. They weren't kidding when they said this one can deal with heat. We had 105 degrees/43+ celsius highs with high humidity and when that finished it rained and still is raining like ****. We have this plant under a very tall clear plastic canopy, so it isn't rained on but again its coped very well with even higher humidity and little sunlight for months. I think that stunted her growth (4 foot tall) but she is a beautiful plant with many bud covered branches and zero botryitis or powdery mildew. Probably one more month to go. Highly recommended for growers in the tropics.

Satori x Mountain Gold

Good stuff Mandala😘
Too early to tell...but MASSIVE fan leaves so far😄

K. (United States)
Good germination

I had 100 % germination rate with 50% male/female ratio. I sexed the plants before taking them outside to grow. Not sure yet what the final outcome will be.

E.H. (United States)

Will sprout them this Wed and hopefully have them in their pots by the new moon, May 19