Nigerian Sativa - Mandala Seeds Shop Khalifa Genetics
Nigerian Sativa - Mandala Seeds Shop Khalifa Genetics
Nigerian Sativa - Mandala Seeds Shop Khalifa Genetics

Nigerian Sativa

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Genetics Nigeria, Africa
Type sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 16%
High uplifintg, euphoric, relaxing
Aroma sweet, woody, musky, hash, lemon, pepper
Flowering time (indoor) 10-13 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Yield average-high
Plant height tall



Originally part of the Afropips collection, this landrace cultivar has been refined and improved by the Khalifa team. 

This particular Nigerian variety may start out with broad leaves during the vegetative phase. As the plants reach maturity and start to flower, the leaflets become increasingly narrow. Growers will observe two main phenotypes. The first one is quick-flowering (10 weeks) and productive with relatively tight buds. The second phenotype is ready to harvest after 13 weeks and has long spear-shaped colas. All plants will have a sweet-woody aroma, some being more hashy and musky, others more lemon or peppery.

The Nigerian Sativa landrace comes from a wet climate with frequent rainfalls during its flowering. Therefore, it has strong resistance to mold and is not sensitive to high humidity. Similar to most tropical Sativa's, it can withstand poor soil conditions and requires little fertilizer, being sensitive to even moderate quantities of nitrogen. The Khalifa team has invested a lot of work in making this strain stable by removing hermaphroditic traits. However, at the end of flowering some plants may develop a few 'bananas' in the buds. These can be removed with tweezers so that they don't affect the taste/quality of your crop.

The effects of Nigerian Sativa are quite noticeable. Initially, users get a clear and elevating feeling that is typically associated with Sativa varieties. However, after roughly 45 minutes, this lightening sensation fades away and makes way for a calming, content sense of well-being. The time of harvesting also influences the effects, with an earlier harvest producing more uplifting effects than a later one. Additionally, this type of cannabis cures well and increases in potency over a few months.

Top Features

  • rare landrace Sativa
  • high mold resistance
  • grows well in poor soils

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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