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New Caledonia

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Genetics New Caledonia
Type sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 15-21%
High uplifting, expansive, psychedelic, clear, happy, positive
Aroma sweet, fruity, lemon, floral, musky, sour, spicy, herbal
Flowering time (indoor) 13-14 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) mid November
Yield medium-high
Plant height tall



To start 2021 Ace Seeds introduces a new exotic pure Sativa from the remote Pacific island of New Caledonia with a mesmerising sweet-fruity aroma, powerful euphoric, 'good vibes' and premium psychedelic sativa effects.

New Caledonia is an extremely vigorous, tall, well-branched Sativa that can increase up to 5x in size during flowering. She will easily reach 3-4 meters outdoors when planted in spring. The yields are very good when grown outdoors with warm weather (tropical, warm coastal, Mediterranean, up to 43°N) and enough hours of direct light, producing long and bulky flowers, with very good density for a Sativa, a great calyx-leaf ratio and typically small but highly resinous buds.

This heirloom strain can be grown indoor with strong light intensity, enough space, and patience. Ace Seeds recommends flowering after 15 days from seed, or starting from clones rooted for at least 7 days. A 11-13 light cycle boosts flowering, and avoids reflowerings or excessive stretching. Very suitable for SCROG, horizontal or network growing due to its excellent yield in the lateral branches and its vigorous reaction to pruning.

The best features of this strain are its aromas and effects, offering incredibly refined terpenes which fuse tropical sweetness with floral, lemon and musk. The effect is very clean and cerebral, expansive, euphoric and motivating. It develops as a cheerful, playful, creative trip before bringing you back to earth two hours later in an optimistic, constructive, warm and peaceful mood. Some plants can produce effects with a more 'stoned' sensation, as if you were drunk, with some loss of physical coordination, but without becoming heavy. Both phenotypes leave you smiling and positive, in a placid mood, without negativity or paranoia. 

Top Features

  • rare landrace genetics
  • exotic aroma
  • cerebral effect
  • high heat resistance

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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Customer Reviews

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New Caledonia

Planted 4 seeds 2nd week of September knowing daylight would be similar to what it was used to and going down. This was a seed production run outdoors. 1 gorgeous female, 3 males. 2 males got hairy and were removed for being hermaphrodite. Remaining male was solid and just as beautiful as it’s sister. Kept clones of both for future breeding. Unusually warm November and only had to bring inside 2 nights due to below freezing temps. Harvested the lovely 30 inch lighter green bushy 🎄 shaped plant on November 20. Harvested over 150 mature seed and an ounce of the tastiest, nicest, happiest, good vibe smoke I have enjoyed since Satori (Mandala Seeds) and crosses I made from her. Best medicine ever if you suffer severe depression as I do!!! Had lost my 6 year old son a number of years earlier and until New Caledonia came into my life, I had never felt true deep happiness since that tragedy!!! Needless to say, this variety will always be a part of my life now! Very easy to clone even after starting to bud, insane vigor and root system with the happiest most euphoric effects I have experienced since the early 80’s. It’s a super easy and forgiving plant for me though it will get rather tall quickly. Love the fact that leaves stay a much lighter green than most, so it blends in lovely with the native weeds and it’s vigor is easily able to hold its own against them making it an incredible stealth strain. A favorite for SCROG as limbs are easily trained and bend without breaking plus responds well to topping if height is a concern. Just cannot say enough good things about this variety. No couch lock here, it’s a “Get ‘er done” energetic, happy, euphoric social variety without negative effects that checks all the boxes for vigor, stealth (both lighter color and no stink to the lovely aroma which doesn’t shout WEED) lots of resin (bud leaves smoke just as good as the bud) easy to trim long, medium dense silvery buds with excellent bag appeal. Old school taste and lovely long lasting effects. Everyone who tries says it’s their new favorite. Definitely my new favorite! Try it, you’ll like it and maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to get the same phenotype I did!

l. (United Kingdom)
Needs experience indoors and patience...

If you have a strong light source and high head room this variety is going to be fairly straightforward indoors, particularly if you have some sativa growing under your belt already. Smaller rooms and less light will mean using lots of LST and pruning, then timing your switch to flowering very carefully.
This variety has some similarities to Haze in it's morphology and flowering time, use a reducing 12/12 i.e. 11/13 10/14 schedule after 8/9 weeks of flower to help encourage the New Caledonia to finish. You will be rewarded with a large volume of buds that have quite good density and an unusual fruit type flavour that is pronounced but not strong by modern standards. The effect of this plant has a lot of character that many older tokers will love, really gets the senses heightened with a strong euphoria attached.
New Caledonia won't work for everyone but if you have the time, space and/or climate and you want beautiful blissful effects from your flowers this variety is well worth the time and effort.