Mountain Gold x Satori Elite (Limited Edition)
Mountain Gold x Satori Elite (Limited Edition)
Mountain Gold x Satori Elite (Limited Edition)

Mountain Gold x Satori Elite (Limited Edition)

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Genetics Mountain Gold (1st edition) x Satori (2008 Elite Line)
Type mainly sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC >26%
High cerebral, psychedelic, energetic, euphoric, uplifting, joyful, creative, focused, long-lasting
Aroma sweet, fruity, amber, spicy, menthol, herbal, pungent
Flowering time (indoor) 70-80 days
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Yield dry (organic) 600 gr/m2; 1200 gr. p.p. outdoor
Plant height tall



Limited Edition, 2024
Available exclusively in our shop

Choose from two Mountain Gold (1st ed) top-grade phenotypes:
* Fruity aroma, tropical Sativa appearance *
* XL yield with dense buds, minty-floral *

Special offer: 3 fem seeds + 1 fem seed California Dream

Seldom have two Sativa strains with such incredible power and authenticity joined forces. This is a once-in-a-lifetime edition of outstanding Sativa genetics!

We are excited to offer a very special production of feminized seeds. This limited edition is excellent in combination with our new feminized release of Superlicious Sativa from the original R&D line of Satori x Mountain Gold.

Considered legendary among Sativa enthusiasts, many claim Satori is the best cannabis they have ever smoked. After the success of Superlicious Sativa in the regular format, we set our sights on offering feminized versions as a special treat for our 20th anniversary.

You can purchase the fem version of Superlicious Sativa, which is a hybrid between the Satori mother plant and Mountain Gold as pollen donor. And we also have seeds from a reverse cross, which is the description and images you see on this page.

For the Mountain Gold x Satori edition, we selected the elite line of Satori previously released in 2008. The pollen parent is named Satori #30 - the best female in a group of over 30 plants that we found suitable as pollen donor. Satori #30 is a resin bomb with wonderful scents that enrich the terpene spectrum. She carries all the trademark features which make this strain so remarkable.

Two different phenotypes of Mountain Gold served as the mother plants for this edition, giving you the option to choose your preferred type. MG is a heirloom hybrid between Oaxacan Gold and 70's Hawaiian Sativa (descended from Kona Gold). In our opinion, the 1st edition of Mountain Gold a few years ago remains the best so far, with respect to the vigor and quality of phenotype expression. From this 1st edition a plant was chosen which exhibited a traditional Sativa appearance with elongated buds and it distinguished itself by a strong fruity scent, while the other had a very high yield with chunky buds that can grow massive colas outdoor. It's worthwhile to invest in both batches of seeds from these mother plants to fully benefit from the original MG edition. Satori's fruity notes and heavy yielding traits sync perfectly with both phenotypes selected - not to forget the potency!

Mountain Gold x Satori blends super-potent heirloom genetics that will grace you with intuition, creativity, and a refreshing uplifting energy. A long-lasting cerebral high guarantees new levels of inspiration. This marijuana strain is ideal for all types of artistic projects, brainstorming, social adventures, inner clarity, spiritual insights, and for lifting you out of the blues. We consider it a perfect herb for 'ganja yoga' or psychedelic journeying. Both crosses, Superlicious Sativa and this limited edition with the MG mother plants, are suitable for users with a high THC-tolerance.

Ironically, we spent so many years making our strains invincible that reversing sex in Satori for commercial production is a challenge. After much trial and error, we were still left with insufficient pollen to work with for all projects, resulting in an exclusive and very limited supply of our feminized editions.

We will keep some seeds of MG/Satori for preservation and the remaining few are for sale. Mandala seeds are artisan quality and ripened to perfection. You can store them for up to 10 years in the refrigerator, an important bonus for collectors and breeders.

1 fem promo seed of California Dream w/each pack!

We're very excited to see the new feminized hybrids flourish in your garden soon! Keep us updated and take photos to win a prize in our regular contests.


Top Features

  • landrace & heirloom genetics
  • high THC
  • medical strain
  • high yield
  • high heat/cold resistance
  • high pest resistance

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use


Free seeds with every order. 

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