Lord Kush

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Unknown Kush x Death Star x Headband
Type mainly indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 25%
High body stone, relaxing, calming, sedative
Aroma sweet, citrus, diesel, Kush, woody
Harvest time (outdoor) end of September
Flowering time (indoor) 50-55 days
Yield 500-700 gr/m2; 1200 gr. outdoor
Plant height medium-tall



Lord Kush feminized seeds Lord Kush is an Indica dominant strain with the highest yield per watt in the Delicious Seeds catalog. An extremely productive plant, reaching indoor yields of 700 gr. and outdoors more than 1.2 Kg per plant with just a flowering period of 55 days. Great for extractions and medical use.

Lord Kush feminized has a medium structure with abundant branching. Outdoors it reaches up to 2.5 meters in height and produces a large, extremely dense central bud with perfect satellite buds, all of them covered with abundant trichomes that give a snowy and imposing appearance to this beautiful hybrid.

The plants do not require much fertilizer to stay green and deliver abundant harvests. Lord Kush is ideal for growers who are looking for crops with very high yields but, at the same time, don't want to lose the quality of their product, always maintaining A+ buds. This Indica has high resistance to pests such as spider mites or thrips.

The composition of terpenes is complex and sophisticated with a range of aromas that go from metallic, diesel, and Kush to the sweet citrus and red fruits of Californian strains. An amalgam of aromas that is simply sublime. THC levels max out at 26% making this a very potent Indica with a strong body high suitable for medical users. Suitable for anti-anxiety, stress relief, sleep, pain relief, etc.


Top Features

  • high yields
  • short flowering
  • Indica body stone
  • USA genetics

Medical Info

  • pain relief
  • stress
  • sleep disorders
  • anti-anxiety
  • broad-spectrum use


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