Kerala Chellakutti

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Genetics Kerala
Type sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC n/a
High energetic, clear, cerebral, happy, uplifting, social
Aroma spicy, pepper, Haze
Flowering time (indoor) 18-25 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) November-December
Yield medium
Plant height tall



Kerala Chellakutti is a rare Sativa from a mountainous region near the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. It's a beautiful, energetic strain that produces a spicy and hazy taste. The state of Kerala is in danger of losing its potent, long-flowering varieties of cannabis. One of the main causes of this decline is urbanisation, along with habitat loss and harsh eradication campaigns. These cultivars are also being replaced by fast flowering varieties, so that farmers can harvest them before the police move in, thereby driving many South Indian heirloom strains to the brink of extinction.

Coco Genes from the Collector's Collective managed to get these seeds from local Kerala farmers, who wanted to help preserve this endangered cultivar, and gifted them to the Khalifa crew for further development.

Khalifa Genetics has been meticulously removing all plants with undesirable characteristics like hermaphrodites and weak specimens during their controlled open pollination. You can expect a high stability in sexual expression and low percentage of undesirable phenotypes.

Since Kerala is a very humid and rainy state this heirloom Sativa is highly resistant to mold and can withstand heavy rain. Its internodal spacing is short for a tropical Sativa, which means it does well in a greenhouse.  A humid, warm environment such as a greenhouse is ideal for this vigorous strain. Although it has a very long flowering time and can stretch a great deal, experienced indoor growers can achieve good results as well. The optimal light cycle indoors is 11/13. That way, the plants can flower a bit faster and also express themselves fully. The smell is very discrete at first as Kerala Chellakutti only starts producing trichomes late into its flowering cycle. Between week 13-16 of flowering this tropical lady starts revealing its beauty.

Unlike other Kerala cultivars, the Kerala Chellakutti strain has a unique flavor. The aromas are reminiscent of a blend of delicious spice and pepper with a slightly hazy aftertaste. The high is potent, long lasting, without body stone or grogginess. It has a cheerful effect that's upbeat and social. A perfect smoke to energize you throughout the day!

Top Features

  • rare landrace Sativa
  • energetic, clear high
  • high mold resistance
  • heat resistant

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

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