Jealousy Dankness

Jealousy Dankness

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Genetics Gelato Dream x Blueberry Sherbet
Type indica-sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC >33%
High cerebral, euphoric, energetic, focused, relaxing
Aroma fruity, sweet, blueberry, vanilla, citrus
Flowering time (indoor) 9-10 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) mid October
Yield 400-500 gr/m2; 900 gr outdoor
Plant height medium



Jealousy Dankness feminized seeds is a cross of two potent and flavorful strains: Gelato Dream, boasting high THC content with a sugary ice cream-like flavor, and Blueberry Sherbet, a balanced hybrid strain that tastes like sweet berries.

Jealousy Dankness displays Indica characteristics despite being a hybrid. The purple hues of its flowers are often hidden by a thick layer of trichomes. Occasional leaf pruning can increase light to the buds. Outdoor growers can expect their harvest in mid-October. Flowers are compact, dense, and reach considerable size and weight.

The effects of this strain can be felt right after the initial puff. A head-rush envelops your whole body in an exhilarating feeling that’s almost dream-like. This euphoria is followed by a wave of energy and clarity which promotes creativity and inspires movement. The high then develops into a calming body buzz that erases any lingering stress or tension in the muscles.

Due to its sedative properties and strong THC content up to 33%, Jealousy Dankness is ideal for those suffering from chronic stress, nausea, insomnia, or appetite loss. However, caution should be taken as this strain can knock you off your feet if your tolerance is low. It has an immense potency that will last for hours, providing you with intense euphoria, motivation, and creative stimulation.

Top Features

  • high THC
  • medical strain
  • delicious aroma
  • purple strain

Medical Info

  • stress
  • depression
  • nausea
  • muscle spasms
  • broad spectrum use

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