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Genetics Purple Kush x Gelato 33
Type indica-sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 20%
High uplifting, happy, motivating
Aroma fruity, citrus, spicy, minty, hash, earthy
Flowering time (indoor) 60 days
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Yield dry >500 gr/m2; 700 gr p.p. outdoor
Plant height medium



Gulupa feminized seeds is certainly an eye-catching sight in a grow space, with its dazzling purple hues and thick trichome glaze.

It's a medium-sized plant that is easy to handle and relatively forgiving with plant care mistakes. With its vigorous growth and many branches, it can reach impressive heights and yield remarkably heavy buds for a plant of its size. After about 5 weeks of flowering, growers may wish to prune this plant and lollipop the lower branches.

Outdoors in a warm climate it can reach 2 metres in height with big buds. But this strain is also suitable for cultivation in northern regions due to its exceptional resistance qualities.

The strong and uplifting high that Gulupa provides is complemented by an intense aroma with notes of citrus, strawberry, and passion fruit. In terms of taste, it is difficult to define the myriad flavours that compose this exotic strain; however, one can expect an explosion of full-bodied flavour with an earthy hash undertone balanced out by zesty citrus, sweet berries, mild minty accents, and a hint of spice. No doubt about it - Gulupa's taste is one that needs to be experienced firsthand.

As an indica-dominant strain Gulupa produces an unexpectedly invigorating and lucid high. It does so almost immediately, bringing a pleasant and arousing cerebral buzz. The effect is easy to manage and a source of satisfaction and creativity which encourages deep introspection. The body experience is a gentle sensation of relaxation without being too overbearing. It's know to offer relief from pain while still allowing users the freedom to engage in activities throughout the day without feeling overly tired.


Top Features

  • delicious aroma
  • pleasant high
  • attractive buds
  • purple strain

Medical Info

  • pain relief
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • broad spectrum use


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