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White Berry x Mandala #1
Type indica-sativa
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC 18.5-23%
CBD 0,15%
CBG 0,5%
High euphoric, uplifting, joyful, creative, focused, relaxing
Aroma sweet, fruity, blueberry, minty
Harvest time (outdoor) end of September (north)
Flowering time (indoor) 55-62 days
Yield dry (organic) >550+ gr./m2; 1000-1200+ gr. p.p. outdoor in the ground
Height medium-slightly tall



Flashberry combines the tasty fruit-tinged indica White Berry with our potent and unique landrace sativa Mandala #1. The exceptional parentage of Mandala #1 not only enhances the euphoric effects in this hybrid, it also reinforces the powerful medical qualities and strengthens its resilience for outdoor cultivation in the northern hemisphere. Outdoor some plants can develop lovely purplish tints.

White Berry contributes her indica touch to the attractive chunky and heavy resin-coated buds. The vigorous Flashberry plants are big yielders, yet the flowering time is quite fast, which makes this an attractive and rewarding strain for home growers and cannapreneurs. You will also get durable mother plants for producing many strong cuttings. And, of course, as a Mandala Seeds strain it’s easy to grow in all types of cultivation and has been optimized for organic gardens.

Flashberry’s long-lasting high balances cerebral uplifting effects with a pleasure enhancing, soothing body relaxation, providing true richness in experience. Medical marijuana patients benefit from the broad spectrum of uses such as relieving depression, anxiety, tension, migraine, and sleep issues. For a good night's sleep adjust your dosage upwards, if necessary, or use a concentrate to get the benefits of a more sedative effect. Flashberry is loved by smokers with a high tolerance level. The buds can be enjoyed over time without developing a threshold. Enjoy a taste of ambrosia with Flashberry!


Top Features


  • medical strain
  • tasty terpenes
  • chunky buds
  • great for resin extraction
  • up high with body relaxation

Medical Info


  • depression
  • anxiety
  • sleep disorders
  • stress
  • migraine
  • body tension
  • nausea
  • pain management



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
david portugal (Portugal)
Flashberry review

Firstly fantastic stealth packaging, and as Fast n Glorious and Flashberry were new strains, Mandala kindly gifted extra seeds, amazing! I popped four Flashberry's (all females) and four FnG's (all males) ....The Flashberry was really a joy to grow, vigorous and had a distinct rose water type terpene on all the plants, really unique smell that I constantly enjoyed ! The high is potent and vapes beautiful, tropical berry/pine notes on the cured finished product. I gave multiple clones out around the summer solstice and these produced brilliantly for all my friends, thank you Mandala you made us all happy :)

Alberto do Bagulho (France)

The service at Mandala Seeds was very efficient and sympathetic. However, due to various constraints, mainly local laws, I didn't get the opportunity to use the seeds I bought.

Elliot Terrill (United States)
Robust, Resilient, Rewarding

Growing outdoors with minimal care, these seeds took to the native soil and grew quickly into mammoth plants. Fed on natural sunlight and organic teas, the Flashberries flourished cheerfully while I puzzled over the mysterious symptoms afflicting other, fussier plants nearby.

These fine specimens developed beautiful buds, wonderfully fruity and coated with crystals. The high is dreamy and spacious, and works to enhance whatever it is you’re doing or experiencing; working, playing, taking a walk outside…

Highly recommended. Easy to grow, truly tasty, potent without negative effects. Like most every strain I’ve tried from Mandala, Flashberry succeeds best in a natural setting with minimal intervention.

Robert Petik
Juicy frosty

I love this strain, beautiful frosty, nice very balanced high. Easy to grow. My plant got shocked and stressed so I put it on the balcony in two weeks it picked up again and end up with wonderful tasty pleasant bud :-)great. thank you!