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Genetics Manipur, India
Type sativa
Cultivation outdoor/greenhouse
High cerebral, dreamy, thought provoking
Aroma sweet, fruity, blueberry, dates, jam
Flowering time (indoor) 14-16 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) December-January
Yield high
Plant height tall


Due to popular demand we have very limited stock of these rare heirloom seeds. This strain is available in our shop courtesy of Ace Seeds, the official reseller for the Indian Landrace Exchange.  We would like to thank Ace Seeds for their kind collaboration.

The Eastern Manipur region which borders with Burma (Myanmar) is a lush evergreen hilly terrain 1500 meters above sea level (5000+ ft.). The hill region has a different topography than Himalayan states such as Himachal or Uttrakhand. Larger hills can be found at the periphery surrounding a huge expanse of valleys with smaller hilltops. This region is inhabited by the Tangkhul tribe, a sub-division of the great Naga or Mao tribe.

Manipur has a tropical/subtropical climate for most of the year, except the winter months when the rainfall finally takes a break after an average 2000+ mm precipitation during the monsoons.

Eastern Manipur regular seeds from Indian Landrace Exchange  grows well in most environments, although it's eminently an outdoor strain for hot and tropical/subtropical climates, showing great resistance against heat, rain, wind and fungus.

The farmers from this region near the Eastern Manipur-Burma border grow cannabis yearlong thus creating a perpetual harvest cycle. Manipur is located at 24-25°N and undergoes a considerable amount of change in daylight hours from summer to winter. However, it doesn't snow in the winters and temperatures remain around 10-15°C allowing yearlong crops. Seeds sown spring-early summer get a full season and grow up to 10-11 ft. The seeds sown later in the summer have a medium stature of 6-7 ft and winter sown crops flower small at approx. 4-5 ft.

The full season crop begins to flower around August after at least 3 months of vegetative growth. These marijuana plants produce heavy lateral branching even without pruning. The full season crop yields more weight than the other two put together, which makes it their prime crop. The farmers only harvest these plants when they're fully ripe towards end of January.

The Eastern Manipur cannabis strain has lush green leaves with vibrant purple-blue streaked floral bracts packed together like an architectural masterpiece. We selected a few different variations in terms of structure, but every sample expresses the similar streaks of colours. The smell is very uniform amongst the domesticated heirloom population in this region, which closely resembles caramelised paste of blueberry and dried date fruit jam. The domesticated heirloom expresses long colas with chunky bracts covered in resin. It yields heavily due to it's strong lateral growth.

This variety has been selected and domesticated over many generations by the Naga tribes like Tangkhul. There were a few variations in the arrangement of the flower clusters but all unique and beautiful in their own right.

After sampling fresh resin on location, the effects were quite overwhelming in a way that it immediately creates a 'headband' and induces alertness and heightened sensitivity for the sounds in the environment. The effects of Eastern Manipur marijuana last over an hour and gradually intensify, creating an overall dreamy surreal high with a prominent massage like feeling around the forehead. Subjectively, the effects are very immersive and engaging, often triggering many ideas or thoughts.

Germination info: ILE seeds must be planted directly in soil. A heating mat is beneficial during cooler months. The average germination time is 5-12 days. Do NOT throw away your soil if the seedlings don't appear after a few days!
ILE will not accept any reclamation regarding germination issues if a customer does not follow this germination method.

Top Features

  • rare Himalayan Sativa landrace
  • great for tropical/humid locations
  • high mold resistance
  • high heat resistance
  • high pest resistance

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

Free seeds with every order. 

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Fast Delivery

Shipment came quick, haven't planted yet but am extremely excited to add a landrace/heirloom to the library.