Black Lebanon

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Genetics Lebanon #1 x Lebanon #5
Type indica
Cultivation indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
THC >22%
High euphoric, calming, relaxing, body stone
Aroma fruity, berry, hash, earthy
Flowering time (indoor) 60-65 days
Harvest time (outdoor) mid October
Yield dry average-high
Plant height medium



Black Lebanon is a treat for the true connoisseur of old school strains. It is based on the original Black Lebanon dating back to the 1980's - a true hash plant. The SSSC breeder has been working with the genetics since 2008 and selected the ideal parents out of hundreds of plants. The current edition is a cross between two original Black Lebanon landrace strains. 

Black Lebanon is one of the strongest heirloom strains from Lebanon. She is naturally very resistant to high temperatures, dry climates, and general stresses thanks to the hardy Lebanese genetics.

The plants are dark green with some leaves or plants turning purple or almost black. The spectacular appearance is enhanced by the glittering white trichomes which really stand out against the dark foliage of the plant.

Yield is medium to high, depending on the growers skills and lumens. A minimum of 600W/m2 HPS, or 400W/m2 quality LED lamps are recommeded. Black Lebanon grows between 80 cm to 1.50 meters and can be planted closely in a sea of green style. SCROG is also possible but takes longer because she isn't the stretchiest of strains.

Outdoor the plants can be harvested around mid October. The genetic background is very strong with impressive trichome production, terpene profile and yield. It's not very common to see such as fast growing plant.

The aroma is more fruity than the original Black Lebanon, with a hashy and slightly earthy flavour. The high is typical of Indica dominant strains and long lasting. Great for stress release, winding down, sleep aid, and pain relief. If you want to impress yourself and your stoner friends try it out now and enjoy the relaxing vibes and old school memories from the 1980's!

Top Features

  • rare Lebanese genetics
  • old school Hash strain
  • strong Indica high
  • tasty aroma

Medical Info

  • stress
  • sleep aid
  • pain relief
  • broad spectrum use

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Customer Reviews

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F. (United States)
Greatness in waiting!

At some point every accomplished grower wants to strutt their stuff and show what they can do. The Black Lebanon has room for even elite growers to shine and be rewarded with the finest in connoisseur quality genetics and smoke stash.

D.D. (United States)

I love the black Lebanese seeds I got from you. I am growing just one. But it is strong looking. Good stuff. Love it