Andhra Bhang

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Genetics Andhra Pradesh, India
Type sativa
Cultivation outdoor/greenhouse
High uplifting, cerebral, functional
THC 8-12%
Aroma floral, hash, spicy, sour
Flowering time (indoor) 18-20 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor) December-January
Yield medium
Plant height tall



Due to popular demand we have very limited stock of these rare heirloom seeds. This strain is available in our shop courtesy of Ace Seeds, the official reseller for the Indian Landrace Exchange. We would like to thank Ace Seeds for their kind collaboration.

Andhra Pradesh is a state near the equator in southeast India and home for one of the oldest and most traditional marijuana strains in India. The infamous bhang variety, which is also referred to as "jungli" is widely used for making bhang edibles and beverages and for smoking as well.

This particular landrace Sativa comes from the Bay of Bengal region. The seeds were sourced directly on location. The climate is similar to the other coastal states in tropical India, rainy-humid year around with a major spike in rainfall between July and September due to the monsoon season. Temperature changes from 25-40°C from April till the arrival of the monsoon, which cools it down and brings it to a more moderate range between 24-32°C.

Andhra Bhang cannabis seeds provide very fast growing vigorous plants, which grow horizontally as much as vertically. This Sativa is best suited for outdoor and greenhouses, although with proper training it can be grown indoors. Like other tropical strains it has high heat, rain, mold and pest resistance. The plants flower for more than 20 weeks (at least 18 weeks) to produce moderate yields. Andhra Bhang has a wide range of terpenes, mostly floral with sour and hash like flavours. It induces a cerebral high which can last for up to 1+ hour.

The preservation of India's landrace marijuana strains remains invaluable. Thousands of acres of cannabis plantations and wild plants continue to be destroyed in eradication campaigns such as 'Operation Parvivathana' that saw 650 acres of local cannabis plants destroyed in 2022, in an effort to make Andhra Pradesh a cannabis-free state. The previous year an astonishing 7500 acres of marijuana plantations were destroyed, especially along the Andhra-Odisha border, with the help of drones.

Top Features

  • rare Sativa landrace
  • famous bhang/hash strain
  • high mold resistance
  • high heat resistance
  • high pest resistance

Medical Info

  • broad spectrum use

Free seeds with every order. 

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